Palikot-Wojewódzki duo about new BUH plans with the addition of THC – Biznes

As Palikot reveals, their company was barely able to fulfill the demand for three months, and The number of BUHs requested for April surpassed 1 million bottles.

– However, one more thing is more important: hundreds of fans have been sent to us, as young men with BUH in their hands jump into the ice pit, and open in the middle of the night on the snow-capped summit of Casperi – the former illustrates a politician. All this shows that it’s not just about drinking a good brewery here. They are expressing their objection – he adds.

The authors intend hemp beer to be the bearer of cultural and ethical values. Therefore, BUH isn’t just supposed to be a beer to savor on Friday evening, and as the county asserts – A brand that connects people It is characterized by a certain attitude towards the world, which is a kind of social opposition.

However, in their latest Forbes interview, Palikot and Wojewódzki revealed that BUH is just an introduction to making a broader offer. A group of hemp products. Their company is currently working on the eve of launching a line of hemp-based cosmetics, and there is also vodka with CBD on the horizon, which, due to the higher alcohol content, better absorbs dried hemp. Then it will also be time to increase BUH with the addition of THC.

More in the latest Forbes magazine, which will be available for sale and on on April 29th.

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