Pamela from “Fit Lovers” in hot bikini tires. “Ale petarda” – Szołbiznes – MAXXX news

Pamela Stefanovic from “Fit Lovers” knows how to warm the crowd. Influencerka shared hot frames in his online gallery, in which he stands in his diminutive bikini. Fans are delighted with her athletic physique.

Pamela Stefanovic is always in touch with her fans, and she already has over a million people on Instagram. In Infencerka’s virtual gallery, employees are featured from her daily life regularly, and holidays are no exception. This time the 30-year-old praised the hot photos from the Maldives. She appeared in a colorful bikini, Boldly reveal your athletic body.

Delight in the comments

It didn’t take long for the fans to react. Netizens delight Pamela and shower her with a real torrent of compliments.

The most beautiful woman in the world

But firecrackers

Very good picture

Saying Sztos is not enough

Pretty woman


– We read in the comments

Pamela Stefanovic and Fit Lovers’ Matthews Janusz decided to find the sun outside and at the beginning of this year they left the country. The couple visited Mexico and are currently resting in the Maldives. Matthews and Pamela are happy to report their trip online. In the lover’s galleries we can find many unique tires from warmer corners of the world.

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