Paweł Juszczyszyn will return to work – the court decided. Magij Nawakki: I cannot allow him to be judged

Judge Pavez Juss will not rule on Monday, will not appoint cases and will not perform his duties, said Magist Nawakki, chairman of the Allstein District Court. This contradicted the decision of the Pythagorean court, which ordered Jusszczyn to return to work immediately.

The district court in Byzantium ruled that the judge Of Paves Jusskiss To be brought back to work. A judge should be “allowed to exercise all the rights and duties of the office”.

“It will be useful once the results are out,” Jusskis’ lawyer explained. – That is, the head of the district court (working in Allstein, Jussjes – the teacher) should be fined up to one million sloppies and sentenced personally and allowed to judge immediately. Judge Juss returns to work on Monday – he announced.

Judge Jussisin has two weeks to file a lawsuit against Allstine District Court for reinstating him. Until the claim is examined, the Pythagorean court granted protection and ordered Allstein to include Jussine in determining the dates of the meetings and assigning cases, and “abandoning actions as a result of preventing Pave Jussys from performing his duties.”

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Of Judge Pave JusskissTomas Wassuk / BAP

Nawakki: Judge Jusskin will not be a judge on Monday

The Polish newspaper company asked the opinion of Magiz Navakki, a member of the new National Court Register, who is the chairman of the district court in Allstein. He said he would wait for a copy of the court’s ruling to be submitted to Pythagoras before a final decision is made.

– Of course, formal issues such as allowing a judge to rule are not subject to civil protection. So my position is, Judge, I cannot allow you to judge. Nawaz announced that Judge Juss would not rule on Monday, that he would not be assigned cases, and that he would not perform his duties.

Court Spokesman: President Nawaz Sharif has the right to file a complaint, but this does not preclude its immediate implementation

Olkyard Deprovsky-Ekelsky, spokesman for the District Court in Allstein, disagreed. He told the BAP that the ruling, which he could immediately enforce, was to allow Judge Pave Jusszine to work on Monday. – The head of the court, Magiz Navakki, has the right to appeal against this decision, while the complaint does not preclude the severity of its immediate implementation – said Judge Deprovsky-Ekalsky.

Key Photo Source: Tomas Wassuk / BAP

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