Pawie Cookies on United Right? Govin: It is no secret that negotiations are ongoing

“I would be happy if Pave Kukis signed the project announcement of the Polish agreement, expanding the right to unity,” Deputy Prime Minister and head of the agreement Jaroslaw Kovin told Bolsat News. Govin admitted that negotiations with Pav Cookies’ community have been going on for several weeks.

In this document (Program Notice of the Polish Agreement – RMF FM) I can only say that I would be happy if Pave Cookies signed, in general, the expansion of the United Rights. Said Govin.

On Saturday, the leaders of United Wright signed the project announcement of the Polish agreement. After the signing, PIOS chairman Jaroslav Kokzyasky said he hoped more signatures under it would be available soon.

I am so happy, thank you so much. Thanks to our alliance partners. There are five signatures. I hope there will be many more soon, this will be a really broad program, a project of the United Right, but it is getting richer and stronger. thank you very much – On Saturday Pice presented the announcement signed by the chairman.

On Bolsat News, Govin acknowledged that negotiations with Pav Cookies have been going on for weeks.

It is no secret that for weeks there have been negotiations between the United Right, especially on the one hand between law and justice, on the other hand the agreement, and the community of Pave Cookies – Said the Deputy Prime Minister.

He valued at least a large part of the announcements made during the Polish agreement Solutions “It should naturally be close to Pawe Cookies and his environment”.

Poles for 90 percent, these solutions (provided in the Polish Lada – BAP) means a tax cut of 5 percent. Plays neutral, for another 5 percent. They refer to growth, not taxes, but social taxes – Said Jarosva Govin.

He stressed that small or medium entrepreneurs will not pay high taxes and very large ones will not pay high taxes, but “they will finally start paying normal money for health services”.

He stressed that 17 per cent tax limits are maintained in Lada, Poland. And 32 percent of the amount entered in the second threshold has been increased from 85 thousand. PLN up to 120 thousand. P.L.N.

Govin said the plans put forward in Lada, Poland, are an action plan not only for the remainder of this parliamentary term but also for years to come.

He said it was necessary to adopt more than 100 actions to implement all the plans of the Polish agreement.

The bills submitted by the contract are several dozen bills this year alone – he said. Of course, there will also be actions that are mandatory due to the implementation of EU regulations, EU mandates or the National Reconstruction Plan. – Added.

The Polish Agreement is a socio-economic program for the post-Soviet period, the foundations of which are: GDP for health; PLN raises tax-free amount to 30,000; Investments that generate 500 thousand. Guarantee for the State’s own contribution to new jobs, housing and old age pensions, tax deductible up to PLN 2,500.

During the issuance of the Polish Order, the Deputy Prime Minister, PIS President Jarosவாw Coxiewski, Prime Minister Matos Moravsky, Sezm Elipeta Wytech and Deputy Prime Minister, Jarosவாa Govin, Minister of Justice and the Minister of Justice, Solomon Poland, signed the program announcement.

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