PFR around the end of the shutdown. It is worse than what the government said

So far, politicians and doctors have unanimously indicated that June 2021 is a breakthrough month for deregulation. Bowie Boris, head of the Polish Development Fund, offered a more pessimistic view.

A complete lockout Depends on the course of the pandemic; The most Illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths, The longer it lasts. Before April 18, 2021, we will find out what prospects we will have for lifting restrictions in the near future; However, there is no point in saying goodbye to the restrictions.

The bad news was delivered by President Bowie Boris Polish Development Fund, Indicating a direct link to close also using The course of the vaccination program. The turning point for the holiday season will be June 2021, but that means the restrictions won’t be lifted until July 2021.

When does the lockdown end? PFR thinks we’ll spend the vacations with restrictions

Pekao Bank has calculated that the effective lifting of restrictions will begin in June 2021. Politicians and professionals agree there is no point in returning to normal life earlier: Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky said directly: Outings This year it will not be the case, Artur Zakzynski, the temporary head of the hospital in the National Stadium, explained that If we go on tours in May, the closure will continue during the summer holidays.

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Matthews Murawiecki

Matthews Murawiecki

This is a completely different message from what the government has previously provided. The first concrete start date has been set for March 2021 Full lifting of restrictions: This process was supposed to start right after Easter, but the third wave turned out to be more dangerous than expected.

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Garden next to the restaurant

Extension of an additional care allowance

For this reason, until June 2021 it becomes out of terms Withdrawal of restrictions Less and less likely, Bowie Boris admitted to “Studio Biznes”.

Hope this is the last in a row. This means that entrepreneurs can have more predictability and confidence in their activity already in the perspective of June and July, when the vaccination program has already reached this level at which all vulnerable groups will be vaccinated, the elderly, and the death rate will decrease, because This is the main reason for the restrictions.

Bowie Boris

The government has not officially confirmed the extension of the lockdown, but the regulation already includes a clause for additional payments Care allowance, For parents looking after children staying at home due to restrictions, for the week of April 19-25, 2021.

There is also information from the government that brings little hope. Piotr Mueller did not rule out that politicians would favor an appeal Food industry o The possibility of receiving guests in the gardens while hiking. Insider Polska

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