PKO BP Ekstraklasa. Legia – Wesla. The league hit the capital without goals, and Wissoa was again saved by Less

The new Polish champion, Legia Warsaw, did not seal the title with a full set of points, as he tied on Saturday afternoon only with Wesla Krakow on Łazienkowska Street.

Legia Warszawa joined this match as the new Polish champion. Wisła had honored “Al Askari” in rows before the match, but that was the end of the courtesy of the Cracovians. They were supposed to fight in this match for a specific bet – points necessary to keep in Ekstraklasa.

However, it is no secret that Wis Wa players have serious problems within the team. A few days before the clash with Legia, signs addressed to coach Peter Hibala appeared at the Vistula base, and the atmosphere surrounding the German coach intensified at the club every day. It certainly didn’t make it easy for the guests to prepare for the striking battle with the Legion.

Given that Legia has already achieved his goals for the season, coach Ceslav Mjnijic decided to give some of the key players a rest on Saturday. Lukinhas, Bartuch Kapostka and Artur Boruc missed the starting level “Eleven” in the match against Wisla. The talented 20-year-old Albanian Ernst Moussa made his debut in the “Military” starting lineup. 19-year-old goalkeeper Cesare Mezta and Portugal’s Rafael Lopez also had the opportunity to appear in the first team.

In the 16th minute, Yao Yebuah showed off with a dangerous shot from outside the penalty area. Legia wanted to answer right away, but Muci misbehaved Vistula’s 16th grade.

Moments later, it was Yebuah who made a fatal mistake. Instead of finishing a series of tricks in the penalty area with a good throw or shot, he scored a serious loss, after which Legia came close to scoring the goal. At the last moment, the ball was kicked by Michał Frydrych, and at the last stage of the action, the Legion did not avoid offside.

In the 41st minute, Wisła was saved by a superb display by Matthews Lis. Tomás Piccarte got a superb throw from the right side of Bartosh Slich, but he didn’t turn it into a goal when he headed it from a few meters away. Legia’s work began with a fatal mistake by Maciej Sadlock.

After taking a break for his next opportunity, Thomas Piccarte is looking for his next target, this time hitting the ground. It is clear that Czeslav Mjniovi, who decided on a double substitution in the 56th minute, was a bit disappointed with his team’s offensive actions. He brought Aces, Kapustka and Luquinhas, into the field, and shot down Muci and Slish. Everything indicates that the young Albanian’s performance did not convince the coach.

It was an interesting sign, because Wisła should pay more attention to scoring points in this match, because, unlike Legia, she was not sure of achieving her goals for this season. Meanwhile, Peter Hibala didn’t act as decisively as Michniewicz.

In the 62nd minute, the Wisła players managed to hit the net, but it was soon revealed that Stefan Savi was offside in this state. The Austrian only grabbed his head, but the repetitions showed the decision was completely correct. Later, the Wesa midfielder tried to hit his luck from a distance and was on the verge of hitting the goal.

There was a lot of danger from set pieces on both sides. Close to Wesa’s goal in particular, there were plenty of free kicks and kicks from the home side. As it happened in the 77th minute, when Bowie and your spouses were fouled by ukasz Burlga, but in the end the Wisła players managed to remove the danger from their penalty area.

Creating opportunities directly from the game was more difficult for both teams. Especially Wisła, which – realizing the quality of its competitor – has focused primarily on the combined game, proper tweaking and waiting for counterattacks. However, the latter were few, and even less – really dangerous.

In the end, Ekstraklasa’s hit ended with a split point. Wisła might be somewhat satisfied with the tie, since visitors are now only one step away from ensuring their livelihood.


Legia Warsaw – Wesla Krakow 0-0

Yellow Cards: Hołownia – Starzyński, Burliga, Gruszkowski. Coach Chislav Mitchniowitz also received a yellow card.

corps: Miszta – Jędrzejczyk, Wieteska, Hołownia, Juranović, Martins, Muci (56. Luquinhas), Slisz (56. Kapustka), Mladenović (66. Wszołek), Lopes (79. Jakszibajew), Pekhart.

Vistula: Lis – Frydrych, Kone, Sadlok (84. Błaszczykowski), Gruszkowski (86. Szota), ukow, Savić, Burliga, Yeboah (74. Medved), Starzyński.

Rule: Simon Marcignac

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