PlayStation Plus video accidentally detected by Sony Poland

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Apr 21, 2021, 15:55

The Sony branch in Poland, by chance, revealed a new service provided by the company. It’s about the PS Plus video, which is the PlayStation Plus subscriber traffic movie.

The Polish subsidiary of the small Sony Interactive Entertainment ?? Problem. There is an announcement about the national version of the official PlayStation website ?? Playstation plus video ?? A new movie service for people who have an active PS Plus subscription. Ad was removed quickly but ?? As usual ?? This did not prevent him from capturing in screenshots.

As we’ve read, PS Plus Video beta will be available from April 22, 2021, so before Advertise The possibility to purchase and borrow movies and series from PlayStation Store closes at the end of August. Sony decided to abandon this option due to fierce competition from Netflix, Disney Plus, and other streaming services. It is not clear or the announcement has not been made yet ?? PS Plus Video has something to do with this resolution.

The announcement states that the service will be part of PlayStation Plus and not a separate feature. Maybe this is how Sony wants to increase the value of its subscription. It can even be linked to Recent reportsThat SIE is preparing to answer? To subscribe to Xbox Game Pass that is conquering the market. At the moment, we don’t know exactly what benefits PS Plus Video will bring. However, we should not wait long for official information.

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