Poland sensation at the European level. “Only six countries pay more than us,” said Pi-nona

Jacob Crikido: We agreed to talk about the great Premier League. But by the time we started talking, Superliga was low. The last days in football were very strange.

Marcin Animucki, President of Ekstraklasa SA: It wasn’t severe for long. The situation does not change even overnight, but hour by hour. After all, on Friday the president of the Egyptian Chefs Association and Juventus, Andrea AgnelliYou didn’t just negotiate a new format Champions LeagueBut he walked shoulder to shoulder with UEFA and declared that everything suits him … Where’s the point? If on Friday they announced: “Listen, we don’t like what the Champions League looks like, we want a revolution”, their behavior will be understandable. A strong earthquake struck the football world, after which many people were injured and betrayed. The owners of twelve clubs wanted to throw a challenge in order to create a thoughtful order Premier League More exclusive matches than the current Champions League, which representatives of most associations do not have a chance to join. The Superliga was created and collapsed in 72 hours, but that doesn’t mean its end, because a lot of capital was involved, also outside of Europe. More intense weeks are coming.

Are you surprised by your desire to create a Super League?

No. Just one month before the European Leagues meeting (Organization of 37 European federations, including all the leading leagues; Animucki is a member of its Board of Directors – Editor. EdJavier Tebas, LaLiga president, said fifteen clubs are preparing to form the Super League. These references have reached us for years and we knew the concept was in action. The main thing is that the heads of the three leagues and federations, along with UEFA, reacted quickly and precisely. If there was a breach, for example, if the Italians thought it was a good solution, the situation would likely be different. But this never happened. In any case , Premier League Many things seemed inconsistent from the start. Over the weekend, there was news that 12 clubs were planning a coup. 12, not 15 as declared KindBecause they withdrew BayernAnd Borussia and Paris Saint-Germain. The project with twelve clubs from three leagues seemed less specific than a single team with fifteen clubs out of five. Then came the tug of war and the moment of “verification”. Cards on the table. Not the doubles and three, but the really serious cards are out. But the clubs, whose representatives also sat on the most important UEFA or European Club Association committees, played with them in a way that made it difficult to return to normal conversations. Relationships that have been built over the years are completely destroyed. There are changes at the club soccer summit, new numbers appear in the European Club Association or UEFA. Serious personalities from the world of politics also participated, including Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson. It is difficult to predict anything at the moment.

How do you, as a former basketball referee, view the Euroleague Super League comparison?

On the surface, the situation was similar. There was a group of people who had an idea that stood against the traditional thinking that we Europeans used to consider the only right way, regardless of what Americans or Asians thought. The topic of separation was then and now controversial. Euroleague was founded and designed games for himself, but it has done so in various circumstances. And the EuroleagueThe Superliga was to be created without the participation of the federation, but the Euroleague was created in cooperation with the leagues and clubs. Now there are clubs themselves, without any institutional support. If the ECA or five major leagues support the Superliga project, the situation will likely be different.

Premier League?  The basketball world has already lived through this.  And it was the great clubs that won the warPremier League? The basketball world has already lived through this. And it was the great clubs that won the war

There are many voices that have fallen into Superliga UEFA From the sky. Not only did the union show its strength, but it also got the confidence to do what it wanted. The new UEFA Champions League format was also controversial, but it passed almost unnoticed. It is already expected that the European Union of Football Association (UEFA) and the Egyptian Chefs Association are planning to establish a company to manage the European Cups, which will be supported by several billion euros by an investment fund.

The question of whether it is possible to earn more has been on the table for years. Adults say yes, it’s enough to play in a more exclusive group. They believe that if there were more money for fewer clubs, it would be easier for them to increase their strength. This is, of course, true. But it is also true that the Premier League will only increase the imbalance. This runs counter to the aspirations of the major league leaders who want to increase competitiveness. In general, stratification does not pay off for anyone, and so is getting to know the champion before the tournament begins. Club prestige and competition are built on the successes of the League. The basis of football is the competition on the field, in which the candidate may also lose. Analysts working in clubs today look at the tables and see that the estimated revenues are not sufficient to cover the costs, but the path to this situation has led, among other things, through excessive unrest and spending on Transfers Incredible amounts. The market in Europe has slowed considerably, but these volumes are still huge.

Javier Tebas at a press conference in LaLigaTebas sharply about the presidents of Barcelona, ​​Real, and the FIFA president. “Either he doesn’t know or he’s lying.”

Champions League The new format allocates the additional four dates in the middle of the week, and you have to remember that the calendar is not made of rubber. The English or the Spaniard will say: “Hey, whenever I play a cup, or some other cup …”. We must not forget that in their case every Wednesday there is a lot of money for the League or Union. Big leagues like Premier League Or LaLiga, they generally get a lot more money selling their rights than UEFA. The structure of the smaller leagues, like the Czechs and the Croats, differs, with each promotion to the group stage meaning a huge impact on the club and the entire tournament, and the rights themselves are definitely cheaper. Back in the Super League, its creators announced that they want to play on Tuesday and Wednesday. But I wouldn’t be surprised if slogans were raised later to take the matches to the weekend. Or to other markets. The question is where is the supporter of all this? If anyone were wondering if fans would want it, the last few days have given the answer that it definitely won’t be.

Big football has always been a sport of different speeds.

UEFA revenue from the three Cups is 4 billion euros. The vast majority of this money will go to clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League, and to teams from European Championships The conference tournament is approximately 700 million euros. We devote a lot of time to this topic, and we emphasize that for us, EkstraklasaThe new knockout system is an opportunity. Thanks to the creation of the Conference League, UEFA is becoming more inclusive and once again there is room for teams from all over the continent. It is an opportunity for us to build up seed capital and get the possibility to start higher. You should also be aware that in recent years, European competition revenue has experienced very dynamic growth. About twelve years ago, the Champions League received such amounts that today even in the European League it is possible.

The Catholic refused to perform.  The coach didn't let him play much anymore.  Football as we know it is deadThe Catholic refused to perform. The coach didn’t let him play much anymore. Football as we know it is dead

Florentino Perez spoke a lot about the solidarity mechanism. He gave an example with the pyramid – that if the rich were very rich, the poor would also become less poor, because money would run out from the top.. Do you think something like this will actually happen in the Premier League?

UEFA already has a solidarity model developed, but in my opinion it works on average. Poland It is a European sensation, because only five or six countries in Europe pay us more for media rights in the Cup competitions, but only a fraction of that amount goes back to us. Without a team in the Champions League we get around € 1 million in solidarity fees. When I played it corps, It was nearly four million euros. But can we consider leveling the playing field when clubs from the first five leagues get significantly more money from this fund compared to less developed countries in football? In my opinion, this does not necessarily make sense.

The movement of money in a business is simple. The fan pays for the TV. This spends tens of millions of euros to buy the rights. UEFA gives us one million euros. Then someone comes out and says, “Here are your solidarity payments.” Does not make sense. It even gives the impression that the Polish viewer contributes to the development of European football. But this is not only our problem. Also in Switzerland, due to lack of success in Europe, this discrepancy has been noticed quite recently. Recently, the head of the domestic league told me that the clubs were very disappointed, because the amounts received from UEFA have definitely decreased. We have to deal with it every year. sometimes corps or Why They are bad, but we need to play in cups regularly and even playing in the Conference League would be a step in the right direction.

Didn't you like Superliga?  Then see how the Champions League is supposed to work.  UEFA voted for the changesDidn’t you like Superliga? Then see how the Champions League is supposed to work. UEFA voted for the changes

Can we make up for lost time?

In the 1990s, we were internationally successful, but we didn’t have a suitable stadium, infrastructure or organization. Then came the era of corruption that destroyed Polish football and had to be built from scratch. By the way euro Many beautiful stadiums have opened and we are starting to move in the right direction, but there is a long way to go. When I was coming to Ekstraklasa, The proceeds of media rights amounted to approximately 90 million PLN. Now it is a quarter of a billion and there are hopes for more increases. There is no UEFA money, but we are developing and trying to move forward even during the pandemic, which has caused our clubs to lose 80 to 90 million PLN on match day, selling souvenirs and so on in recent months. It’s not easy, but we are chasing. And I can declare that we will never stop chasing.

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