Premier League. Florentino Perez: We cannot be indifferent

Florentino Perez, the first president of the “El Chiringuito” Super League, spoke about the motivations of the leading clubs in Europe. According to him, the decision to build a new innovation could save football.

The Premier League formation was announced in a statement posted on Sunday evening Monday. It will include 12 founding clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Tottenham, Chelsea London, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Atletico Madrid. In addition, it will eventually be formed into 20 teams, of which 15 will receive guaranteed entry annually, and five others will receive ‘wild cards’.

The message about creating a completely new creativity has reverberated in the sports world. The ball authorities responded quickly, threatening to be excluded from any further competition. What prompted the clubs to coup? Florentino Perez explained the motives.

According to the Spaniard, all the confusion is due to … football. As he said, interest in football among youngsters is waning, and the explosive current game formats simply mean there are loads of matches. Profits for TV rights are declining. This sport is dying before our very eyes. We cannot be indifferent to this, he said. According to him, dozens of clubs competing with each other at the higher level will increase the attractiveness of football and attract more to it.

Perez also commented on the UEFA authorities, accusing them of a lack of transparency. As he noted, he is able to see how much LeBron James is earning, while nothing is known about the president’s earnings. He also criticized the planned reform of the UEFA Champions League, assuming that the pool of participants would be expanded and the shape of the Games changed. In his opinion, this will not translate into additional profits.

Most importantly, the start of the Premier League is being planned very quickly. If an agreement can be reached with European and global football authorities – perhaps in 2021. Perez is also confident that the founding clubs will remain in the Champions League. They are protected by law, he says, and any possible exclusion (which Bild writes about among others) is simply impossible.


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