Prince Philip is dead. Cannonballs in memory of the deceased prince – in Great Britain, Australia and Gibraltar

The artillery shots are reminiscent of the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip. Queen Elizabeth II’s husband died Friday morning at Windsor Castle. Respectful throats were thrown Saturday in the capitals of all the countries that make up the United Kingdom, Australia and Gibraltar. In this way, the Reuters agency pointed out that the military was paying tribute to a man who had supported the king for decades.

Artillery shots were fired at noon Saturday, British time. The artillery fired 41 salutes at London in England, Edinburgh in Scotland, Cardiff in Wales and Belfast in Northern Ireland. The memory of Prince Philip, who died on Friday, was commemorated with a shooting in Gibraltar and in front of the Australian Parliament in Canberra. Deck guns were also fired at some ships of the British Royal Navy.

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In this way, the artillery paid homage to the Duke of Edinburgh, who for decades supported his wife, Queen Elizabeth II – Reuters pointed out.

In Great Britain, the number of wolves depends on the occasion and location of the shoot. Traditionally, the Royal Salute has 21 salvos. 20 shots in a row are added when shot from castles, castles or royal parks.

Honor Salvo in LondonPAP / EPA / PO PHOT Dave Jenkins

H.M.S. Honor Salvo from Montrose PAP / EPA / PO PHOT JAY ALLEN / Royal Navy

Honor Valley in front of the Australian Parliament in CanberraPAP / EPA / LUKAS COCH

Great Britain bids farewell to Prince Philip

Prince Philip, 99, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died Friday morning at Windsor Castle, returning on March 16 after spending a month in two London hospitals. Early in the morning on the fence of Buckingham Palace, a news of Duke’s death was published. In all state buildings, flags were lowered in the middle of the mast.

Philip retired from public life in 2017. He handed over the ceremonial role of commander of the Rifles, the infantry division of the British Army, to his daughter – in – law, Princess Camilla, who was last seen in public in July 2020.

Prince Philip turns 100 on June 10, the longest-lived man in British royal family history and the third longest-lived person – after Alice, the Duchess of Clochester, Aunt Elizabeth II (died 103), and Elizabeth Bows-Lyon, or mother Current king (died 102). They were longtime spouses of the British monarch, who along with Elizabeth II became the only royal couple to live to the 70th wedding anniversary in the history of the British monarchy. In addition to four children, he had eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Key Photo Source: PAP / EPA / PO PHOT Dave Jenkins

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