Prince Philip’s funeral – Three members of his German family will appear

Prince Philip He died on April 9 at Windsor Castle. He was 99 years old. He declared national mourning in Great Britain, Which will last until the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. The party will be private and will take place on Saturday, April 17th. In the Church of St. George at Windsor Castle.

Due to the pandemic, only 30 people will participate in the funeral ceremony. There will definitely be Prince Harry, Which arrived in London on April 11th He is in quarantine.

Three members of his German family will appear at Prince Philip’s funeral

The official list of participants in the ceremony at St. Jerzy will be announced on April 15th. They will be Three members of the German family of Queen Elizabeth II’s deceased husband. They will be: Bernhard – the hereditary prince of Baden, Donatus – the prince and departure of Hesse and Philip – Prince Hohenloh – Langenburg.

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Who are the three German princes of Prince Philip? Bernhard is 50 years old, and his grandmother Theodora – the younger sister of Prince Philip, so the hereditary Prince of Baden is the grandmother of the late husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Philip is 51 years old, and his grandmother Margarita was Prince Philip’s older sister. Donatus is 54 years old and a cousin of the late British Queen’s husband.

The three German princes have already traveled to Great Britain and are being quarantined at a home near Ascot. They contacted the late Prince Philip and were impressed with his language skills. Philip, Duke of Hohenloh-Langenberg, recalls, “During a conversation about Winston Churchill or the environment, he was able to switch from English to German. Without stuttering.”

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Philip and Bernhard – German relatives of Prince Philip

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