Puck Poviat: We hand picked the characters of 2020 in Culture, Science, Business, Autonomy and Social Activism. Voting continues

Puck Poviat: We appreciate the people who, in the past year, made it difficult for all of us, who were characterized by activities full of passion, commitment and willingness to help others, as well as contributed to the fight against the epidemic and the development of our region. Voting in the “Personality of the Year 2020” poll is ongoing, but candidates can still be nominated.

Last year 2020 was very difficult. The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly struck every area of ​​our lives, changing many aspects of it forever. Despite the adversities, many wonderful people from our region have been involved in the life of the local communities, and have been distinguished by their achievements in various fields. Despite the limitations, many people achieved success, developed their creativity, talents, and helped others endure difficult times

It just so happens that we should appreciate and reward the activities of people from culture, science, business, politics and local government, as well as those who work for society and charities. The votes of our readers will be awarded the titles of Personality of the Year 2020 in a major nationwide referendum, which is being held in Pomerania by Dziennik Bałtycki. , website www.dziennikbaltycki.pl And the sites www.naszemiasto.pl.

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Marek Krzybetke is the leader in the 2019 Personality of the Year poll in …

Candidates for distinction are nominated by a jury headed by our editorial board Marius Szmidka, Editor in Chief Dziennik Bałtycki. We also invite the residents of Pomerania to submit proposals from people who deserve to be honored.

This year, due to the pandemic, we are starting the next release of the Personality of the Year campaign later than usual – he says Bogusław Kaczmarek, Founder and director of poll. – Nevertheless, we have decided to maintain a long tradition and this year we will honor exceptional personalities from our region. The more restrictions imposed on the epidemic last year, the more impossible it was to organize the ceremony of the previous version of the referendum. This year, winners of the 2019 Personality of the Year title will be awarded along with the winners of this year.

Voting is already underway! It is conducted in five categories: culture, social and charitable activities, business and politics, self-government and community, and science. In the first four categories, prizes will first be awarded separately in our cities and provinces. The winners will not only win the Personality of the Year 2020 title, but also, while preserving the votes, they will advance to the Campaign’s Provincial Finals, where the titles of the Pomeranian Year 2020 will be awarded.

In the science category, voting will take place in one stage for the entire county.

Voting in cities and provinces in the first phase of the public referendum began on April 14 and will continue until Tuesday, May 25, 2021 until 21:00.

The winners will qualify for the County Final match, which begins on Monday, May 31 and continues until Tuesday, June 8. On the same day, voting in the provincial science category will end.


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