Pulska Whitney Houston won the “Voice Kids 4” award. Who is Sarah Ego James?

The end of the next season of “The Voice Kids” is behind us. On Saturday, April 17th, we met the winner of the fourth edition of the musical. Who won? Sarah Ego James, Tatiana Kupala and Olek Klimbalski all fought for the victory.

At the end of February, the fourth edition of “The Voice Kids” made its debut. To date, the children’s musical talent show has launched a large number of child stars. Two of the program participants – Roksana Węgiel and Wiktoria Gabor – later became Junior Eurovision winners.

The previous three seasons of “The Voice Kids” have won in succession:

  • Roksana Węgiel (Edyta Górniak Team),
  • Anya Dobroska (Team Cleo),
  • Marcin Maciejczak (Dawid Kwiatkowski Team).

From the current jury, only Thompson and Barron have seen their wing win so far. The following people fought to win the fourth edition of “The Voice Kids”:

  • Tatiana Kupala (Team Cleo),
  • Sarah Ego James (drużyna Tomsona i Barona),
  • Alexander Klimbalsky (David Koyatkovsky’s team).

Saturday’s “The Voice Kids” final raised a lot of emotions. There was no shortage of excellent performances by the youngest, and there were also special guests. He performed on stage, among other things. Our representative this year at the Eurovision Song Contest. After Rafa Brzozowski sang the song “The Ride”, there was only room left to announce the results. And it happened! Sarah Ego James, Head of Thompson and Barron, has won the fourth season of the Kids’ Talent Show!

The 12-year-old named “Polish Whitney Houston” won the song “Greatest Love of All” from the aforementioned singer’s repertoire.

Sarah Ego James comes from a very musical family. In the cast of “The Voice Kids”, she received support from her mother, along with her stepfather, younger siblings, and her father, who came from Nigeria. They both often play music together.

The 12-year-old studies at Elementary School in Ośnie Lubuski and at the First Class State Music School in Słubice, in addition to which she is improving her vocal skills by attending the local SMOK Cultural Center. Aside from music, he is passionate about interior decorating. She also loves to cook. She is said to be the lady of the house at making pies.

Author: Maria Staroy

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