Queen Elizabeth II is back at work four days after Prince Philip’s death. He attended a ceremony at the castle

The funeral will take place on Saturday Prince Philip. The king died on Friday morning, April 9th ​​at Windsor Castle. The world mourns her husband Queen Elizabeth IIMeanwhile, she briefly resumed her duties. On Tuesday, she attended one of her partners’ farewell meeting. According to media reports, the Earl of the Bell was her right hand, so the king could not abandon such an event and wanted to thank him for his last service. The man retired.

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Queen Elizabeth II is back at work four days after Prince Philip’s death. I participated in a certain ceremony in the castle

Count Bell formally resigned from the office of Lord Chamberlain. In recent years, his office was responsible for organizing royal ceremonies (both in the castle and in commoners). The Queen’s Right Hand Farewell Meeting was held in Windsor, and the King took the wand and the Office Badge from the count. Today the media wrote about what happened on Tuesday in the castle, because on April 9 he announced a two-week national mourning for the death of Prince Philip. Few expected that Elizabeth II would decide, even for a moment, to return to royal activities.

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It is also worth noting that the former Lord’s Office also handles preparations for Prince Philip’s official funeral ceremony. From April 1, everything is supervised by Baron Parker, who has taken over from the Earl of Bell. The man has been a master for the past 14 years.

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