Rako – Arca Gdynia. Evolution in the Polish Cup Final Fortuna

Coach Paulo Sousa, just behind Zbigniew Bojic, is not tired of being the likely successor to the president of the Polish Football Association, Cesara Koleisa, at the Arena Lublin. The ship came close to making a big bang, repeating the date of 1979, when it also won its first Polish Cup in Lublin, but finally, after a brilliant end, the trophy, and with it five million zlotys, went to Raco for the first time in time. His coach, Marek Babsson, finally got a crushing blow from his sleeve – David Tijanic, who scored 1-1 and scored the winning goal.

Guest coach Dariusz Marzec wanted to surprise PKO Ekstraklasa’s favorite with the team’s offensive behavior in the first minutes. Animusz Arka had 10 minutes, during which we managed to create one chance – Matthews Zibrovsky sent the ball right next to the goal.

Later, Raków takes command of the pilot to control this match, but he couldn’t find the Target Cases button for a long time. Positional attacking is not an advantage for Marek Babsson’s team, especially given the intense penalty area by the people of Gdynia.

A quick attack was much better for the residents of Czstochova. After that, Vrana Tudor, Marcin Cipolla slightly kicked next to the post (21 minutes).

Coach Babsson urged striker Vadislav Gutkovskis to be more active. “Gutkis do something!” He shouted when the latter didn’t come out for an Evie Lopez app. Although Arka installed two fanmills at Arena Lublin, hints from both coaches were clearly heard.

The ark did not have cannons, it hit its head against the wall. Throwing Spanish Fabian towards Maciej Rosołek, surrounded by four competitors with a taller head, was a classic dream of a decapitated head. Premier League players themselves limited their potential, leaving one of the best wards Matthews Moesky at home in revenge for signing the contract with Wesla Krakow, effective from July, in January. Added to this is the fact that the coach of Arc Darius Marzik is, after all, a lilac made of flesh and blood, and even he is powerless in the face of the decisions of the club’s authorities – Myski cannot be treated as a full-fledged first-team player and that’s it. !

Matthews and Doviak, last year’s Polish Cup final champions, survived a similar act of revenge for refusing to extend their contract with Krakow. Reconstructs its location in Rako. For the time being, a strong backup position suffices.

In the 56th minute, Evie Lopez distributed the move to Tudor’s right, who perfectly equaled Patrick Kuhn, who blocked his 15-point shot by Kasper Krzybich. In an instant, Arik takes on the exciting leadership. The Spaniard saw Matthews Ciprosky approach the left wing, who put the ball in the net with a central shot! A student from Korona Ostrołęka passed to the far post, but in a strong wind the ball fell under the bar, Dominic Holk was surprised!

Rako pushed the ark to the penalty area, but the inhabitants of Gdynia fought selflessly. After two or three years they threw themselves in the lawn to repel the shots. Arka was also able to catch the ball at half of the opponent

Coach Papszun showed a lucky hand. David Tijanic presented, and immediately after entering, he used Rossocic’s loss to cross into the penalty area, and there Evie Lopez lit the light of hope at Camp Rako with an airstrike in the top corner!

As if that wasn’t enough, in overtime to the second half, Tijani secured victory for the residents of Czstochova. Evie Lopez started a counterattack, technically, with the outside of the shoe, passed into the penalty area to Kuhn, who could have hit because he was alone in front of the goalkeeper, but he gave the Slovenian, who only had an empty net in front of him!

Judge Pawe five Gil added five minutes, but Arka was unable to compensate. After the match, the Raco players and the “mill” of their fans, who arrived at the Arena Lublin after just 60 minutes of play, enjoyed the match. His cheers definitely helped. We had an alternative to normalcy in times of pandemic.

Fortuna Final of the Polish Cup

Objectives: 0-1 Cibrosky (Spanish 57 pass), 1-1 Evie Lopez (Tijanic 81 pass), 2-1 David Tijanic (Kona 90 pass)

Rako: Dominic Holick-Camille Petkovsky, Andrei Newiolis, Zoran Arsenik (Peter Schwartz 82) – Fran Tudor, Ben Lederman (85 Daniel Zilogowski), Igor Saba (46 Marco Politanovic), Marcin Cibola (80 Tiganes), Ivlav Gutkovskis (68. Jacob A. ).

back: Kacper Krzepisz – Arkadiusz Kasperkiewicz, Michał Marcjanik, Haris Memić, Luis Valcarce (58. Kacper Kryształ) – Adam Danch, Adam Deja, Fabian Spanish (58. Artur Siemaszko), Juliusz Letniowski (46. Marcus da Silebrva), Mateusz (80) Pawe Sasin) – Maciej Rosołek.

Judge Bawish was a generation of Warsaw.

Yellow cards: Kasperkiewicz, Marcos da Silva.

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