Replace energy meters. How much will it cost?

The amendment to the Energy Law, which was adopted by the House of Representatives on April 15, introduces important changes to energy consumers. Over the next eight years, 80 percent. Of the approximately 13 million recipients, energy meters will be replaced by smart models, allowing remote monitoring of electricity consumption. This means the end of writing down meter readings, but also an additional expense. According to the Ministry of Climate and Environment calculations, replacing a single device would cost PLN 360. The power supply would bear it, but the end user might feel it in the form of higher bills.

  • The meters will be replaced by smart ones in phases and will last until 2028
  • Households should have greater control over electricity consumption, online access to information on energy consumption, and thus – the ability to better adjust tariffs according to their needs.
  • Amending the power law also necessitates the possibility of a faster power supply changeover
  • More this information can be found on the homepage

Replacement of energy meters will be the responsibility of the electricity supplier, and this does not mean that the customer will not bear the costs of such replacement. So that the whole process does not affect the operators severely, It was divided into four phases and is expected to last until the end of 2028. The first stage, which will cover 15 percent. Customers, by December 31, 2023, the next (35% of clients) – by the end of 2025, and the third (65% of clients) by December 31, 2027. The final stage already covers 80%. Customers will end by the end of 2028.

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