Resident Evil Village, Days Gone for PC, and More – See Releases May 2021

Tired of the game’s premieres yet? Well, it might surprise you in this regard. There are titles to come that have set our imaginations for a long time. when? See for yourself. Here are the most interesting premieres of the game over the next few weeks.

Tempting forecast for May

April this year was in games like that in proverbial – Once he’s able to make us a pleasant surprise, only to detonate bad news in an instant or some unpleasant babool in the hot title that has just been released. So we got Outriders online, which is a great game to play until we try to join a team of other players. Or better – first, another potential PS5 hit – the Deathloop flew from May to September, and soon after Sony, as if to wipe out tears, announced the launch of a new service – PlayStation Plus Video Pass. And so for a whole month.

It feels good to finally have May. The weather looks better, and Upcoming game releases look much more interesting. So this time it should be done without moaning. But don’t take my word for it seriously. You better find out for yourself. How? It’s simple, just sit back in the armchairs and watch the materials below. Wonder how you like our list. Let me know in the comments.

The game’s best releases in May 2021

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What games are you looking forward to in May?

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