Resident Evil Village will receive a hunting mechanic. The gameplay reveals what’s new

Capcom wants to expand the gameplay in Resident Evil Village with different aspects, one of which will be the hunting system, thanks to which we will receive ingredients to prepare dishes. The latest screenshots from the game show the mechanics.

The second Resident Evil exhibition will take place tonight, During it we will see new gameplay and a trailer for the long-awaited Capcom horror. It seems very likely that during the event we will also hear about a second demo – this time a portion of the main game will be cut, but it will be dedicated to all platforms.

Game Informer’s editorial office material mentions which system it is thanks to In Resident Evil Village, players will hunt animals to obtain valuable ingredients For example fish or meat. We’ll be using the raw materials in the Duke’s kitchen, where we’ll make permanent improvements that will reduce the damage Ethan does.

However, the hunt will not be as easy as it might sound: some large animals, such as rams or wild boars, will not stare passively at the attacks of Resident Evil Village heroes, so they will begin to defend themselves – it is up to the participants to decide whether it is worth losing Valuable ammunition in combat. In the village, we will get Lei currency (it is only available in the game), thanks to which we will be able to upgrade weapons. We will get money from fallen enemies, although during the game there will also be opportunities to find valuable treasures that can be sold.

In Resident Evil Village, you can also expand your inventory or purchase ammo, medicine, or weapons.


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