Retirement without tax! Older people will have more money in their hands

                    Retirement and salary without tax!
Author: GRAFIKA SE Anna Szamborska
Retirement and salary without tax!

Attention Retirees – Tax Free Retirement is Coming! One of the assumptions of the new law and justice program, called The New Deal, is – according to reports – the abolition of the obligation to pay income tax to elderly people whose pension does not exceed a total of 2,500 PLN. In our table you can check how much you can earn on retirement tax free. It can be up to PLN 500.

Pensions without tax. An important component of the New Deal

Important politicians in the Law and Justice Party admit that Pension tax exemption is a very likely solution that can be found in Novi Lada. This program was to be announced by the Law and Justice Party at the end of last year. The worsening epidemiological situation forced the Law and Justice Party to reschedule to March, and now the talk is on May. It would definitely be a great solution, there is only the issue of borders, whether it is 2,500 PLN or less, one important politician in the ruling camp tells us. Millions of retirees hope the government will accept pensions without taxes next month, in MayWhich, according to reports, will be one of the authorities’ proposals for the oldest Poles. Who will be able to benefit from the new solutions? Elimination of the obligation to pay income tax up to 30,000 PLN per year means that elderly people whose monthly benefit amount does not exceed the total of 2,500 PLN will be satisfied with the changes For example, a retiree who is currently getting 1066 zlotys on hand, will be able to count on 1,250 zlotys after the changes. The exact calculations can be found in the table below.

More than 1500 PLN tax returns for everyone! Huge Internet Tax Exemption

You can find the table with the annuity calculation without taxes below!

The Law and Justice Program Agreement, which was to introduce the New Deal, the group’s new socio-economic program, was planned for Saturday March 20, but due to fighting the pandemic, it has been postponed. The new date for the agreement has not been officially announced. Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology, Olga Semeniuk, said that the introduction of the Polish New Deal program will likely take place on May 8.

As announced, the New Deal should consist of the following areas: A plan for health, fair work – decent wages, a decade of development, family and home in the center of life, Poland – our land, school and culture friendly for the new century, good corporate climate, clean energy – clean air, Cyberpoland 2025, the golden autumn of life.

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