Return on long gameplay. Take a look at the first 45 minutes of playing a PS5 exclusive

Returnal will appear next week, but we don’t have to wait to see Housemarque’s comprehensive gameplay. Material offering up to 45 minutes of gameplay from a PS5-exclusive game that has made its way to the web.

Sony and Housemarque have been systematically introducing new materials from Returnal for several weeks. We saw among other things Story trailerAnd the We met our opponentsMeanwhile, several newsrooms had the opportunity to prepare a 45-minute live broadcast, during which the production was shown in all its glory.

In the video below we’re dealing with the start of the game so if you’d rather explore the story on your own with a controller in hand, you’d better stop watching. However, it must be recognized that this is the best offer at the moment that can make you hesitant to purchase an item.

Previously, we could only look at identical clips, A. Now we’ll see the full gameplay – From landing on a planet to battles or expanding your gear. Let us remind you that the plot is dedicated to the adventure of astronaut Selene, who lands on a mysterious planet and has to experience the same event many times: after her death, she returns to an unknown land, and her appearance undergoes some modifications. Dangerous World contains many biomes and various enemies.

All of the editorial rooms offer a similar excerpt, which reveals the first entrance to the mysterious home that appeared in one of the trailers. The best is yet to come.

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