Robert Lewandowski has gone down in history! There is a disgusting side

  • Robert Lewandowski went down in history on Saturday. Who would have thought that a Polish footballer would become a legend in the Bundesliga!
  • Unfortunately, Gerd Muller – who tied Lewandowski with his achievement – is today seriously ill
  • The Polish actor hasn’t said the last word yet and next weekend, on the last line, he may still be breaking the record set by the illustrious German.
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On Saturday, the Polish captain used a penalty kick in the match between Bayern Munich and Freiburg (Bayern drew 2: 2 – Here is more about the matchAnd so it went down in the history of the Bundesliga. 40 goals in one season seemed to be an elusive feat. It was a German national interest, just like Gerd Muller. The legendary forward achieved his feat in the 1971/72 season.

Today, “Bomber der Nation” (former soccer player nickname) would like to congratulate the Poles, but he has no chance to do so. As his wife, O’Shea Muller said a few months ago, he is already “waiting for his end”.

Robert Lewandowski and Gerd Muller. National merchandise

Unfortunately – I can’t even tell him about it – that’s how Mrs. Mueller commented a few days ago in “Bilda” about Lewandowski’s stalking of her husband. The 75-year-old football genius suffers from Alzheimer’s and is now in a nursing home. – He is calm and calm. He sleeps most of the day. But take it easy, he doesn’t seem nervous. I feel good.

“He always wondered why no one had caught up to him yet,” she added. He was waiting for someone to break the 40-goal mark at the end. He used to say, “They have a lot of space, and they have a lot of opportunities and they don’t shoot.” Gerd would not be jealous. He will not complain if he loses the record. On the contrary, be the first to congratulate him and say, “Well done!” I’m sure about that.

Yes, that’s the really unpleasant side of Robert’s achievement – Stefan Orsfeld, German ESPN reporter, comments to Onet Sport. His health is deteriorating year after year, and today Mueller will not realize that the record is not just his.

The Germans love him. Uersfeld has no doubts about former footballers as a national ancestry. He says: – It is the epitome of nostalgia and football memories from years ago. We would be sad to watch him lose his record. And not because we do not like Lewandowski. Only by our respect for the man who gave us so much joy at once. Then years ago he lost recordings one by one.

First, Miroslav Klose Muller was taken from the title of best sniper for the German national team in history. Now, Lewandowski equaled the record by scoring 40 goals in one season of the Bundesliga. He would still have the record of 365 goals in the Bundesliga standings ever. Robert Lewandowski is already the second goalscorer in the Bundesliga in history (275 goals) and accepted it a few years ago.

– Let him stay in Germany, it will take about three seasons for him to get close to Muller. Lewandowski fascinates us with his determination to succeed. He came here in 2010 as a coach and today he is one of the greatest players in history. It became a scoring machine.

Robert Lewandowski. A machine with a human heart

When Gerd Muller celebrated his 75th birthday in November of last year, Lewandowski published an influential post on the Internet: How Much I Have Achieved Spurs me to work at least to get closer to your greatness. Be strong, King Gerda. “

On Saturday, after a goal scored by Freiburg, he showed the pole on his shirt the inscription: Forever Gerd!


Gerd Muller – 1974 world champion, European champion 1972. Top scorer for the 1970 World Cup (10 goals) and European Championship top scorer in 1972. The most effective player in the history of the Bundesliga (365 goals), and the most effective player in the history of Bayern Munich (515 goals)

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