Robert Lewandowski’s mother is painfully honest. “I will never forget how frustrated and desperate he was at that time.”

Iona Lewandowska gave an extensive interview to Przegląd Sportowy, in which Robert Lewandowski’s mother spoke through her son to the summit, and the main topic of conversation was the difficult moments in Lewy’s career.

Robert Lewandowski, thanks to his hard work and support for the next few years of the Polish League, found his way into the salons of world football. The sniper faced difficult moments during his career. Most recently, the injury was a huge blow to Liu, which kept him out of the game at a crucial moment in the season.

In an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”, Iona Lewandowska described her son’s reaction to the news of his lack of participation in the Paris Saint-Germain match.

Imagine you can’t reach the finish line, and you are part of a relay race. This painful. It cannot be described in words – She said.

Robert could not play in the Champions League, he repeated last year’s success. But in sports you never know, unpredictability and injuries are unfortunately a part of it. The most important thing is that he is now at full power and will be ready for the next important matches – She added.

Iwona Lewandowska makes no secret that Robert found himself in the past against the wall when Legia Warszawa turned him down. Then, she made sure that her son had not given up his football career.

When I visit my friends, they always ask how it is possible that Robert has been treated so badly on Łazienkowska Street. I’ll never forget how broken, frustrated, and hopeless it was at the time. I hope I never see it like this again. It tested very hard. His whole world collapsed overnight. He was still young, and football was everything to him. Thankfully, it didn’t last long, however, he pulled himself together. His father was already dead by that time, so whenever Robert wanted to show him that he would overcome the injury, he would survive it – She confirmed.

I have to admit that it was also my space for him to stay in football. I acted very quickly, and I called coach Marek Krzyewicki. We talked about Znicz. I took him to Pruszków, and he stayed. Save him – She finished.

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