Rocky Boxing Night. Heavy knockout in evening combat. Yuri Kalinga is victorious

Yuri Kalinga, a fighter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by winning the Rocky Boxing Night Battle, opened an opportunity to enter the battle for the WBC Junior Heavyweight Championship. He defeated the Slovakian Michel Plznick in the ninth round.

The Rocky Boxing Night, broadcast by Polsat, was unique in that it was held on the 34th floor of the skyscrapers of the Olivia Business Center in Gdansk, 150 meters above the ground. In the history of boxing, it is difficult to find competitions played at such a height.

The level of the ceremony was also high, although the outcome of the battles was not under the illusions and none of them sparked controversy. In the evening’s fight at the Youth Heavyweight Championship, boxer Yuri Kalinga of the Democratic Republic of the Congo fought for the WBC champion’s Francophone belt with Slovakian Michel Plesnik.

Kalinga is already a well-known player to Polish fans. The representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who lives in France, has encountered Matthews Masternak and Mishai Selak in the past. “El Torro” was scheduled to appear on Rocky Boxing Night last December. At the time, his rival was supposed to be Nikodim Ujjevsky, but the Pole decided to go to battle with Lawrence Okuley for the WBO belt. In April, he was supposed to clash with Ukrainian Stanisوافaw Kotin, but due to the Corona virus, the right-wing Slovak took his place.

Yuri Kalinga, who publicly destroyed the Bible in protest of the genocide of Belgians in his homeland, fought for promotion to 10th in the ranking and a chance to compete for the World Championship with his compatriot Eilong Makabu. This boxer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been holding the belt since January 2020, ever since defeating pole Michhao Chilak in Kinshasa.

In the second round, the Slovak was counted after Kalinga hit him and pulled him across the boards. In the fourth round, the Congolese sent their all-time attack on his opponent to the councils again, yet Michel Pelsink had not lost his time in his career. Here, however, he fought for survival after a total of four knockouts. He reached the ninth round, then was hit by the Congo with a heavy knockout.

In other fights, Damian Szczypior maintained his streak and the title of undefeated rival and secured his seventh victory in the Professional Ring.

Yuri Kalinga (25-6) defeated Michel Blissenk (9-4) by knockout in the ninth round.

Adrian Szczypior (7-0) defeated Damian Mielewczyk (12-6) by unanimous decision of the referees.

Ehoshani Garcia (3-0) defeated Dominic Salczyk (1-2) by knockout in the first round.

Rafay Reznick (2-0) defeated Damien Smagel (1-1) by unanimous decision of the referees (60-54, 58-56, 59-55).

Evander Rivera (3-0) defeated Zoltan Szabo (27-28) by unanimous decision from the judges (60-53, 60-53, 60-53).

Dominic Harwankowski (3-0) defeated Robert Nidovedsky (0-4-1) by technical knockout in the second round.

Jacek Shurukliki (6-0) defeated Konrad Kobriak (0-3) by unanimous decision from the judges (40-36, 40-36, 40-36).

Pawe Nowaczyński (1-1) beat Philip Belinsky (0-1) by technical knockout in the first round.

Damian Zawerosszynski (1-0) defeated Lukas Puchinsky (0-1-1) with the majority of the referees (39-37, 39-37, 38-38).

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