Ryszard Petru: A good user computer can even be bought with a PLN 300. “You’re kidding?”

Ryszard Petru, a politician and economist, spoke to gazeta.pl about the 500 plus program and how Polish families use it. The journalist who conducted the interview noted that the former president of Nowoczesna is a vocal critic of the Law and Justice Party program, and has often said that this money is mainly used to “demoralize a part of society”. Do you still think so?

The rest of the text is after the video.

– After these five years from the launch of the program, you can summarize over 500. I admit that most of the issues that I have warned about in recent years have unfortunately been fulfilled. In addition, often more drastic than expected – Ryssard Pietro replied.

According to Pietro, the 500 plus program’s biggest weakness is that it goes to everyone, not just those in need. From the start, I thought that if the program were to follow this path, it should only go to the poor. In wealthy families, only 500 plus is beneficial. No need for that. In contrast, in the case of poor families, this money is often not earmarked for children’s needs. He explained that this needs to be addressed.

“Money should never be dumped from a helicopter,” Pietro said. – Please see the current situation – many families of Polish parents cannot afford to purchase a computer for their children to participate in online classes. Meanwhile, a good used Allegro computer can be purchased for 300 PLN. So the family gets the right amount and doesn’t buy a computer, said Pietro.

The journalist asked if the politician was joking and indicated that the equipment for the PLN 300 will not be good. – So check it out for yourself. This is an example of the fact that funds from 500-plus are not earmarked for children’s needs that must be met in the first place – Ryssard Pietro argued.

A flurry of critical comments after Petro’s words

Unfortunately, only Ryszard Petru appears to have found good equipment for the PLN 300. One that would allow kids to learn from a distance. “Some of them are that pricey, but I doubt they’re good. I still need to buy a monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam, speakers, software and pay for the Internet. That won’t lead to a lesson on Teamsach” – commented Anna Maria Chukowska, MP from the left.

“Ryszard Petru writes a winning program for the opposition. But on a computer for the PLN 300, we’ll wait a little longer,” “The children of the prominent economist Ryszard Petru, as I understand it, are also learning on computers for the PLN 300?” – He comments on the weekly “NIE”.

“I’ve been putting computers away from the trash” for years, Jerzy Prestagko wrote from the Packers’ Party, but I have to admit that for 300 zlotys I won’t be able to do this.

Several Twitter users are asking where to buy these good PCs for PLN 300. So far, Ryszard Petru has not commented on his interview, nor has he posted any equipment offers for the PLN 300 that he’s talking about.

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