Ryszard Petru found computers for the PLN 300. So what if it isn’t suitable for remote learning?

Last weekend On Gazeta.pl we published a series of articles on the fifth anniversary of the launch of the 500 plus program. My interlocutor was the former leader of Nowoczesna, economist and entrepreneur Ryszard Petru – a vocal critic of the groundbreaking social program of Law and Justice.

Ryszard Petru slams 500 plusPetru for Gazeta.pl: The “500 plus” program is a Sample Order Syringe

Weakening the morale of a part of society before 500 plus This is a fact. Please see the current situation – many families of Polish parents cannot afford to purchase a computer for their children to participate in online school classes. Meanwhile, a well-used computer can be purchased 300 PLN. So the family gets the right amount and doesn’t buy a computer, said Pietro.

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a. Chwedoruk: When he started Ryszard Petru, he had more advantages than Szymon Hołownia

Petru: A good user computer can be purchased for 300 PLN

I found Ryssard Pietro’s permit a funny joke. The PLN 300 computers cannot handle the software needed to participate in online classes. The economist suggested: “Check it out for yourself, then.” I checked and found a used $ 300 computer that could describe “good.”

Netizens mocked Petro’s statement about computers. “ Matura demo test: How many kings must each fall from 6 kings to buy a computer to learn PLN 300? The famous economist’s mistake a few years ago.

“Ryszard Petru writes a winning program for the opposition. But on the computer for PLN 300 we will wait a little longer” – mocked the satirical tweet series “Tygodnik NIE”

In response to the mockery of netizens, Ryszard Petru decided to search for the said computer himself. “To all mockers, I recommend using computers in I appreciate 300 PLN and less. Accurate and search engine is all it takes. can you? You can ”- the former president of Nowoczesna confirmed in a tweet.

You can, but why? These computers do not meet the standards for distance learning, which was precisely indicated by Patrick Wachovic of the Civil Development Forum to Ryszard Petru.

In addition, fellow journalists from industry and technology portals search for a “good and used computer” for 300 PLN. Instalki.pl And spider web. Needless to say, the search was not successful.

“According to Ryszard Petru, such a computer is sufficient. However, I am sorry to destroy the dreams of the modern leader – we will not work on this equipment with any comfort. I know this very well, because a computer with similar standards has I have been working in my parents’ house for 10 years and have not I was able to convince them only recently to take turns and a change was really necessary at the time of starting the computer? About 5 minutes from the start time of the browser? 30-60 seconds. Profession In Microsoft Teams? XD “Konrad Chwast concludes with spidersweb.pl.

So again – with all due respect, Mr. Reiszard, the PLN 300 is not a very good computer.

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