Rzeszow. During Rzeszów’s presidential election. Draft Prime Minister’s Ordinance on New Election Date. Candidates comment

According to the Prime Minister’s draft directive on holding early elections for Russo’s presidency, the vote will take place on June 13, not May 9. As a result, the election calendar will change somewhat. Candidates commented on the postponement of the election date.

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The presidential election in Russo is set for May 9. However, the chief health inspector recommended postponing it until the second decade of June. “You have to take into account the changing situation and the increased risk of disease” – GIS explained.

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The election will be held on June 13

On Monday, the Prime Minister’s draft regulation was released on the Government Law Center’s website, replacing the earlier regulation of Russo’s presidential election. The project is in consultation with the RCL and the National Electoral Commission.

Government spokeswoman Pyotr Mர்ller said the decision to move due to the contagion of the election date would be made by Wednesday.

The main change is about the voting date. According to the plan Elections will be held on June 13 from 7-21.

RzeszowDerek Telmanovich / PAP

Changes related to the electoral process

Therefore, other deadlines related to setting up the electoral process will also be postponed.

Submission of applications for the creation of the power of attorney to be voted on by disabled voters and the latest take on voters reaching the age of 60 on polling day Until June 4th.

Voters can submit to the electorate to be included in the voter register in the selected polling district in the city and to those subject to compulsory segregation, isolation or segregation on polling day. Until June 8th.


The election campaign will end On June 11 24The transfer of the voters’ list to the heads of the proper Electoral Commissions will take place June 12.

Prime Minister’s Draft Order Amendment of the Order for Early Elections for President of the City of Rzeszów

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Rzeszów Candidates for the presidency

Candidates for the presidency in Rzeszów are led by Conrad Bijosek (joint candidate of the Civic Alliance, the Left, the Polish People’s Party and the Polish 2050 Szymon Hołownia), the supporter of law and justice, the candidate of the Podcarpசிi Voyote Eva Leniard, Solidarna Bolko and the Deputy Minister Markin Vortech And member of the Confederation Grescors Brown.

Physosec: This does not push us in any way. If we are going to win, we will win in a month

In an interview with TVN24, Conrad Bijosek commented on changing the election date. – What we thought happened this morning, Appeal to the government to give residents of Rzeszów the opportunity to choose a host in a timely manner. It does not push us in any way. If we want to win, we will win in a month, he said.

– On the other hand, I do not think the people of Russov will accept this information well, because it appeared shortly after the referendum, which clearly indicates that the candidates of the ruling camp are exploring the issues. By imposing this at the end of today, I think residents of Russo will have serious concerns about whether it is contagious, or whether this election is starting to have problems with honesty – the city has added one of the candidates for mayor.

On Sunday, Radio Jet published a poll conducted by the IPRS on the first round of elections in Russo. For him, he is definitely at the forefront Conrad Fijosek (41.9 percent). He was followed by Eva Leniard (24 per cent), Markin Warchos (16.6 per cent) and Greyhors Bron with 11.2 per cent.

Conrad Bijosek: If we want to win, we will win after a monthTVN24

Tulkievich: United Wright is scared of elections

Alexandra Tulkievich, the leader of Gdańsk, who supports Fijozek, estimated that “nothing can be won by a good candidate.” “There will be more time to convince the residents of Rzeszw and Rzeszów,” he said. “I think United Right, less and less united, is scared of elections,” he added.

Tulkievich: United Wright is scared of electionsTVN24

Leniard: The health and life of the people of Rzeszów is very important

“The life and health of our city dwellers is very important,” said Vodka Eva Leniard of Podcorpace. – I think this belief connects all the candidates for the presidency of Rzeszów. I hope that the number of epidemics and the number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals will decrease, which will allow the elections to be held safely within the time frame set by the Prime Minister, ”he added.

WARCHO: I will use this time to further emphasize how my offer differs from other competitors

Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchos said the city needs a president. – I want the elections to be quick, but on the other hand I am happy because I will use this time to further emphasize how my offer differs from other competitors – said.

Staff member of the Crescors branch: The Warsaw government is trying to manipulate elections

In turn, Jacek Avicca, a spokesman for Crescors Fran தேர்தல்ois’ election staff, said the Warsaw government was “trying to manipulate the election.”

– This decision to postpone the deadline is a mockery of voters, residents of Russo. The government is not serious about those who knew the election would take place on May 9. This is a strange decision, says więka.

Key Photo Source: Derek Telmanovich / PAP

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