Saxa Trentino. Alexander Alyuka with the best player award. LM volleyball players

It’s hard for me to say anything. The ups and downs are behind us. We lost the Polish champion, and yet we are back. We knew that the Champions League Final was still ahead. We won, we did. I was totally shocked – said the Polish actor warmly, whose tremendous play contributed to the success of our team.

The 25-year-old -liwka scored eighteen points in the whole match – sixteen from attack and two points from the block, which was the best result among all the squad from Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Plus, our player scored 40 percent in the party.

Let us remind you that Polish volleyball has waited 43 years for this success. To date, the only Polish team to win the Champions League was Pomie Milowice, which in 1978 won this competition. On Saturday in Verona, ZAKSA wrote a beautiful history of Polish volleyball, as they had happier the match much earlier.

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