Section – This will happen in the chain after the picnic. The prince participates in another battle, Fred faints

The series “The Oath” is very popular with Polish viewers. The Turkish series can be watched Monday through Friday on TVP 1. Check what happens in the next episodes of “The Oath” after the excursion.

Where and when to watch “Section”? How many episodes of the Turkish series?

The Turkish series “Section” is broadcast on the Telewizja Polska channel five times a week. to.Champion Wasps can be followed Monday through Friday on TVP 1 from 4:05 PM. Each episode lasts about 45 minutes.
This will happen on The Oath in late April

Watch what happens in the series “Al Qasam” after the picnic

In the gallery below, you’ll find summaries of the upcoming episodes of the series “Oath” that will air after May 2021. Watch what awaits the main characters.

Go to the exhibition and read summaries of the “section” episodes after the May weekend:

“Section” without basil

There are already new episodes of “Oath”, in which the beautiful artist Ozge Yagiz, the series Rayhan, is no longer working. After the death of his beloved Prince in a state of despair. Life lost its meaning to him, and he transferred his anger and anger to an innocent child who did not even meet his mother. Farid, the prince’s mother’s friend from prison, appears at Tarhun Palace, promising to take care of her grandson. Narain’s family appears in Kamal’s house …

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