Slovakia will lift some restrictions on Monday

Starting Monday, Slovakia will move away from some coronavirus-related restrictions, including opening stores for the first time in four months. The former prime minister, current Finance Minister Igor Matovic, announced the conditions for lifting the restrictions.

Along with Matovic, Prime Minister Eduard Heiger and Health Minister Vladimir Lingarsky were at the press conference, but it was the former prime minister who told Slovaks what they could do for the first time in four months. Among other things, stores and service facilities will be opened, and hotels and guesthouses will resume operations. The condition would be to maintain a healthy system and get a negative test for Covid-19. Restaurants will remain closed. If the epidemiological situation does not worsen, further restrictions will be lifted after April 26 this year.

From Monday in the churches Sacred services and masses with the participation of the faithful will be possibleWhich from December can only be sent over the Internet. It will also allow recreational trips to areas other than those for permanent residence.

It would be possible Doing sports, but only outdoors and in groups of up to six people. A similar limit will apply to swimming pools. Zoos, botanical gardens, museums and galleries will open.

The Prime Minister called for the continuation of the restrictions that are still in effect, and said that the lifting of restrictions is linked to the behavior of citizens. He pointed out that during the holidays, the number “R”, referring to the number of people who could be infected with one infected, rose from 0.8 to 0.95.

Part of Matovi’s speech was related to the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, which he had brought to Slovakia as prime minister. It was found that part of the media executed him without trial, and the State Institute for Drug Control (SZUKL), which did not approve the vaccine, made a political decision. He did not respond to reporters’ questions.

There is confirmation: the opening of nurseries and kindergartens on Monday is very likely

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