Snooker. world Cup. crucible. Mark Selby defeated Sean Murphy

The two were surpassed only by Ronnie O’Sullivan, Steve Davis and Ray Reardon, who had six championships and record holder Stephen Hendry. The legendary Scotsman won the championship seven times. Selby met Higgins also on the all-time list of Triple Crown (Loo, UK and Masters). Both players in the three most prestigious competitions on the calendar have scored nine wins each.

Jester’s famous victory in the decisive match was not a surprise, although after the first session of the final, Murphy was in the lead with a 3: 5 victory. In the second part of the duel, Selby not only managed to replace his compatriot, but also guaranteed himself a score of 10: 7 before the second day of the grand final. The three frames also remained after the third part of the competition and the final round of the World Championship match that started at 14:11 in favor of the younger England snooker.

In it, the pre-match favorite did not allow the opponent to compensate for losses and bring the resulting advantage to the end of the competition by winning 18:15, securing the fourth tournament and re-entering the history of the green table. In golden letters.

– It really is unbelievable. Every time you reach a World Cup Final, you try as hard as you can, because you never know if this is your last chance to win the title. Winning the championship four times is hard even to dream about – said the happy winner, who celebrated his success with his closest family and among the Crucible Theater, which filled last place.

For his victory, Selby was awarded a prize of half a million pounds sterling and returned to second place in the world snooker rankings. Murphy received 200,000 pounds and moved to fifth. Let us remind you that “Magic” has already lost the third final of the tournament of his career and still only has one victory in Sheffield, which he wrote sixteen years ago, during his debut in the World Cup.

Selby won his titles recently – in 2014, 2016 and 2017, confirming that in recent years he is the absolute dominant player in the World Championships. Given the fact that the Englishman is only 37 years old, there is a good chance that a Leicester player in a few seasons will be able to equalize and then beat the record-breaking achievements of O’Sullivan, Davis, Reardon, and even Hendry himself.

The final result:

Mark Selby – Sean Murphy 18:15

49-57, 46-67, 68-65 (65), 89 (89) -7, 0-75 (75), 66-1, 8-71 (64), 54-80 (52), 85 (85) )) -49, 0-98 (98), 72 (67) -34, 107 (86) -0, 34-97 (64), 109 (57) -0, 90 (90) -34, 88-4 69-26, 4-84 (77), 69 (62) -58, 41-69, 134 (107) -0, 104 (54.50) -14, 1-100 (100), 0-108 ( 56)), 131 (62,69) -0, 70 (66) -28, 48-73, 108 (68) -0, 11-79 (58), 120 (120) -0, 0-100 (100) ), 8-126 (103), 71-57

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