Sony intends to introduce “Xbox Game Fight” agreements. Resident Evil Village will not be able to appear in service for one year

A contract between Sony and Capcom was leaked to the network, under which both companies would collaborate to promote Resident Evil Village. According to the document, players cannot rely on production being made available, among other things, on Xbox Game Pass.

Yesterday, our readers informed us of the alleged arrangement between Sony and Capcom, which prevented Monster Hunter World from debuting on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time. After the news spread, it was updated due to Its author stated that he had misinterpreted the details.

Perhaps for this reason, Alfred Lamecchi not only revealed the details, but also parts of the attached documents – preventing some inaccuracies.

According to the information provided Capcom cannot make Resident Evil Village available in Stadia Pro, Xbox Live Gold, Project xCloud, and Game Passie for a year from the first show. Saving has been described by the topic’s author as “Anti-GamePass”.

But that’s not all: Sony has invested money to ensure that over the next seven years, the manufacturer and publisher will not offer exclusive add-ons intended for other platforms in Resident Evil Village. Production should also work (as per platform restrictions) on Japanese hardware as it does on others.

The news is commented widely by the gaming community. C.EF Grubb confirms he’s not sure if the document is real, but console producers are establishing similar collaborations with developers and publishers. Although this is the first time we’ve seen a similar record regarding Xbox Game Pass:

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