Staybysky, the champion of your team! His club will remain in the battle for his promotion to Serie A Pic Nona

Are fighting To upgrade to League He enters the critical stage. Two teams will be promoted directly to the top league, and up to six teams will compete in the playoff matches. This gives many teams, even in the middle of the table, something to fight for. Empoli with Szymon Żurkowski in the team is really sure of a promotion.

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Stępiński champion Hellas after a very exciting match

Legia is negotiating with players. Legia is negotiating with players. “Sometimes there comes a moment.”

Marius Stubinski scored two goals. His team is fighting for promotion

She fought for Reggin’s schedule tenth playoffs, which she appeared in Thiago Sionik. In the 37th round, she faced Lecce, who fought for a direct promotion to Serie A A: It was a very important match for both teams. Regina got off to a better start, leading in the seventh minute thanks to Idira. Less than 10 minutes later, Lecce was ahead with two goals Marius Stubinski Register within two minutes. Regina hit back with Montalto’s shot in the 27th minute, and both sides’ players finished off the shot.

For Stępiński, he was the eighth and ninth goal in the second division. He also scored three assists. He also threw a goal in the Coppa Italia match. Lecce’s players are also Marcin Liskowski, but he has yet to appear on the field. Thiago Syonic for the entire match also sat on the bench.

Neither side was happy with the draw. One round before the end of the season, Reggina takes 10th place and gets the reward love Th Qualifiers Eighth place loses three points. On the other hand, due to the loss of points, Lecce does not have a chance to be promoted directly to the First Division. Stępiński and Listkowski will play in the semi-finals of the play-offs.

The wife of the upset footballer responds to Lehman. The wife of the upset footballer responds to Lehman. “I feel ashamed to be a German”

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