Strong recognition of Christmas Iga. “I’ve never talked about that. I cry every few days,” said tennis

Every wi ± tek It was the best year of his career, which culminated in his victory at the French Open. The pole will soon be trying to defend the Cup, but will previously compete in tournaments in Madrid and Rome on clay courts. Before that happened, she told exciting competitor WP Sportowe Fakty about the difficulties she had to face. “I never talked about it. He asked all the journalists about success. Nobody asked what was the most difficult,” – writes the best Polish tennis player.

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“Hurkacz keeps his feet on the ground. I’m calm around his head”

Confessions of Iga vetik. “Maybe I’m burned out?”

“I cried every few days. I was wondering if tennis would suit me. Right before the French Open, I sat in the locker room with Daria Abramovich.” [psycholog Igi] And I said, maybe I feel exhausted. After a long conversation, I finally thought: It can’t get any worse ” – Remember wiątek in “Team Heroes”.

“I played well in preparation most of the season, but I couldn’t bring her to the tournaments. It was a difficult time. So much so that I was wondering if tennis had really made me lucky” – our player revealed. “I was hoping to feel better at the French Open. And before the tournament it was only worse. My psychologist argued that I am not overworked, that this is not exhaustion at all. What I was saying was a bit exaggerated, but at that point this is … What i felt

¦wi ± tek On WP Sportowe Fakty, she admitted that she had accepted that she might be wrong and that she had grown up. “I will feel like a professional and adult player when I can turn these assumptions into a rule, into my daily routine as a tennis player. When I constantly play without expectations, I will have fun, just as I was when I was a little girl. And it wasn’t that long ago” – writes the tennis player.

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Iga Świątek starts competition on clay. Debut on Thursday

For Iga, October’s success at the French Open (the tournaments on the ground have been postponed to autumn due to the pandemic) was the last of the 2020 season. The Polish woman returned in January in Australia. In this year’s first Grand Slam tournament, she was knocked out in the fourth round against Simona Halep (6: 3, 1; 6, 4: 6), but soon after she won the tournament in Adelaide, winning the second WTA tour. However, it was not good, because in the struggle in Dubai and Miami, the Polish woman called out to compete in the third round, having surrendered to Gabrien Muguruza and Anna Konjo.

On Thursday, the Christmas will kick off the WTA 1000 tournament in Madrid, with a prize pool of over 2.5 million euro. The Polish player, who is ranked 17th in the WTA ranking, will be ranked No. 14. This will be her first breakthrough on clay courts this season. Her first competition will be experienced American Alison Riske, with whom she has never competed before, while in the possible second round, one of the qualifiers will await the Warsaw player. In the third round, however, it will be possible to face Christmas with Australian No. 1 Ashley Barty in the tournament.

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