Symbolic – Domestic – What does Easter have to do with the rabbit?

According to the teachings of the Christian churches, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the redemption of mankind. According to the decision of the First Council of Nicaea in 325, its date is the first Sunday after the lunar month following the spring solstice (i.e., it may fall between March 22 and April 25), all of which vary with the Feasts of the Moving Church Year.

The Christian feast grew out of the Old Testament Passover, the fulfillment of this prophecy according to Christian teaching was the conversion of Jesus Christ from death to resurrection.

Pontius Pilate, who was crucified on Good Friday, was executed before the Jewish Passover and Jesus appeared to his disciples at dawn on Sunday.

The Feast is prepared for a forty-day fast from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, the central worship of which is the evening-night Easter Awakening (Vigilia basalis). Then they celebrate the victory of light over darkness, the victory of life over sin and death, in which crucifixion and resurrection are intertwined.

The Easter candle dedicated on Holy Saturday symbolizes the resurrected Savior as the light of the world. A Mass will be held on Easter Sunday. On the day of the resurrection, the Pope describes his traditional Easter message and the apostolic blessing of the festive Mass in Urmie Urby et Orby (addressed to the city, i.e. Rome and the world) in Rome. As Pope Francis did this year for Easter Sunday Mass last year at the Vatican St. Peter’s Basilica without the faithful due to the Corona virus epidemic, he will deliver his next speech and with the blessing of Urby ed RB; The ceremony is broadcast on the Internet.

Who will be the last in the harvest?

The name Easter marks the end of the fast because meat can be eaten again. Easter dishes (lamb or ham, cake, eggs, etc.) for Easter Sunday War). After the dedication, the believers rushed home because, according to folklore, a backward person would die that year, while the first person to return home would be the first in the harvest. The remnants of the consecrated food were said to have magical powers: the shells of the eggs were sprinkled on the crop, placed in the digger’s nest, or sprinkled with it so as not to be damaged by hail or thorns.

Watering on Easter Monday is a common custom, and the reward for this is the gift of painted eggs.

Spraying is based on the belief that water has a purifying power and is a fertility guide.

The egg with the bird that emerged from it symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus, the folk belief that life, the red color of Jesus shed blood. Just as Easter brings the gift of the rabbit, watering with poems and watering with cologne then spread. The rabbit is a symbol of fertility and renewal of the life cycle, but the story of the rabbit being given to children can only be seen in the 16th century.

Easter Monday is called a watering, and Monday watering refers to the habit of watering. Fun Day for Young Women and Bachelors is one of the most important occasions, a real spring holiday to have fun outside. Easter balls were held across the country.

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