Symbolic – foreign – chaos erupted, incomprehensible restrictions were introduced by the French

The French government has removed the evidence burden for closing 16 districts due to the corona virus outbreak

Its rules proved to be incomprehensible, and most retailers eventually did not have to close.

The closure, which went on for a month at midnight on Friday in the most affected French sectors, was described by the government as a “third passenger” solution aimed at curbing austerity measures that would not force the spread of the virus. People stay at home.

Our goal is not to make a good name, but to find a good size. By allowing people to stay outside, but by preventing the virus from moving between regions to prevent it from spreading, public knowledge has succeeded.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said in an interview with Le Journal du Dimanche on Sunday.

However, according to a commentary in the daily Le Monde, the closure caused more confusion for the French than boosting confidence in the government.

Prime Minister Jean Costex announced Thursday night that residency in 16 closed districts, including Paris, could be left without a deadline, but only with a pre-filled certificate, within a 10-kilometer radius. However, on Saturday night, the Prime Minister withdrew the burden of evidence after proving that a document that could be downloaded from the Internet was incomprehensible to the majority, and analysts described it as a sign of glorious bureaucracy.

There were 15 types of reasons in the bilateral certificate, from which the Parisians had to leave their home every time.

In addition, exceptions marked with a star are included in the list, in which case a doctor (workplace, workplace, shopping, office administration) is allowed to leave within a radius of up to 30 kilometers.

If there is competition between the worst, most useless and the most absurd inventions, the Home Office will have a good chance of winning the grand prize by its bureaucratic masterpiece: Exit Certificate

Bruno Retailer, head of the Senate division of the opposition Republicans, wrote on Twitter.

Home Office spokeswoman Camille Size acknowledged in a statement on Sunday that the document was “extremely complicated.” According to the Prime Minister’s Office, there was no time to “simplify” the certification scheme drawn up at the Home Ministry on Saturday morning.

“In the first place, the situation was simple because there was a policy of guiding everyone to stay at home. Now there are more exceptions, so the situation is more complicated,” government sources told Le Monde.


In line with the completion, which began on Saturday, the government is encouraging the French to spend as much time outside as possible.

According to the president, the government sought “proportion and proper balance” by closing and reopening schools at the height of the epidemic in most European countries.

The government is based on its decision, showing that the infection is primarily indoors but not outside, and spreads to a lesser extent among minors.

But the government also heard the dissatisfaction of retailers when announcing another closure. According to the first list, about 110,000 stores should be closed next month, but eventually their number will not reach 90,000, the Ministry of Economy pointed out after the addition of bookstores and music stores to the list of stores that meet basic needs. Manufacturers, Candy Stores and Wine Bars

Of the epidemics that have been going on for a year, the French government says it is essential to not only eat, but to keep people in a good mood.

However, the opposition says, “It is difficult for this government to make decisions. After creating distrust around the vaccine (by suspending AstraZeneca), the closure is now incomprehensible, ”said Damien Abbott, head of the Republican National Assembly.

However, the government knew that another drastic closure would no longer be accepted by the French and would therefore not be enforced. Two-thirds also support mild austerity measures, while support for previous, more severe closures was still 90 percent.

The government believes only 34 per cent of French people are capable of dealing with the epidemic, according to a survey released by the iPop poll agency on Sunday, while the public has so far had a good view of government action. Despite the erroneous results, state President Emmanuel Macron’s preferred index is more than 40 percent a year. However, according to the analysis, in January, when health experts asked for the closure, the head of state refused to do so, which could be reversed in the coming weeks, despite the slowdown in the vaccine campaign and the only way out. Crisis.

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