Labrador Retriever trained in human sweat in Thailand expels corona virus infection with almost 95 percent accuracy. The project manager said the animals could be stopped at busy traffic jams where the presence of the virus could be detected in a matter of seconds.

Corona virus – second year

It has been more than a year since Chinese officials reported a new, fast-spreading virus to the WHO. Since then, there has been hardly a person in the world who has not heard the word Covid-19, and mourns with a new relative or friend for several weeks, while the new disease is over, the reserves have collapsed in weeks, and our whole life has been rewritten by the epidemic. Now, vaccinations are complete, which not only raises a lot of questions of hope, but at the same time threatens another mutation, not just stopping the virus. Details of this fight can be found in our series of articles.

Six dogs underwent six months of training, for example, had to select one of six vessels on a rotating wheel that contained sweat samples from an infected patient. “Dogs only need 1-2 seconds to identify the virus,” said Kevali Chatterjee, a researcher at the University of Sulawesi in Thailand who led the project.

It can scan 60 samples in four minutes. Although there are no symptoms, they can detect volatile organic compounds in the sweat of Covid-19 patients.

The expert stressed that dogs do not catch people directly, but will examine samples taken from them.

Many countries around the world, including Britain, Germany, France, Chile and Australia, are trying to train dogs to detect corona virus infection.

[Norvég kutatók állítják, rájöttek, miért lettek néhányan rosszul az AstraZeneca vakcinájától]

For the first time in Europe, dogs were used to display infections at the Helsinki airport, with Finland working with 20 to 30 countries on the issue. Dogs are being tested at Dubai International Airport for this purpose.

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