The Belgians want to create a joint competition with the leading football teams of the Netherlands

The best Belgian football clubs want to play in the league with the best teams from neighboring the Netherlands. The General Assembly of the Belgian Pro League voted unanimously on the proposal, giving it the green light to create competition. They will be called the BeNeLeague.

It refers to the names of the two countries and to the region known as the Penelox of Europe. – The motivation for this idea is the ambition of the biggest Belgian clubs and the need for financial stability – said the Pro League report.

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According to the Belgian media, consulting firm Deloitte has shown that a joint competition program involving the top clubs in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2020 could fetch ஈ 400 million a year from the sale of television rights and marketing.

For now, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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