The Blizzard Arcade collection has expanded. Players got 2 free games

The American company has expanded the range of legacy products, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the following titles. Blizzard Arcade Collection contains two new items, while developers have added more features.

The Blizzard Arcade Collection is announced at BlizzConline And like Heralded a leakA collection of classics automatically hit the market. From the start, the package included three games (Blackthorne, The Lost Vikings and Rock N Roll Racin), while almost two months after the announcement, it was decided to expand the package with new productions.

Blizzard Arcade Collection customers will be able to play Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing for free – items are represented by the following words:

“In the sequel to The Lost Vikings® and Lost Vikings 2, our three heroes – Eryk, Balog and Olaf – are transported again from their homes and thrown on a new adventure. To find their way back, the Vikings will have to use new skills, and join two new allies – the Werewolf Fang & Dragon Hit – Uncover challenging puzzles that represent a new extension of ideas from the first game.

“RPM Racing is not a sequel, but a prototype of Rock N Roll Racing®, which lays the foundation on which this subsequent production was built. Items taken from the old game include an isometric perspective, a variety of vehicles to choose from, and the ability to perform standard upgrades. “Vehicle, career-saving feature, and a messy track. Play RPM Racing to see what one of Blizzard’s first games looked like.”

Americans also assure that the museum has an exhibition of documents with projects, thanks to which all lovers of studio production can get acquainted with the process of creating classic titles

What’s more, there is also a broadcast mode in Rock N Roll Racing in Definitive Edition and a local multiplayer mode for four players. All news has been released as a free update so just download the files to check out the latest amenities.


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