The Bundesliga, Bayern and Lewandowski won’t be the first poles in Nagelsmann’s side. Two memories of Hoffenheim

  • Julian Nagelsmann will be the head coach of Bayern Munich starting July 1. The 33-year-old will replace Hansi Flick in the position
  • The star of the Bavarian team is Robert Lewandowski, who is just a year younger than the current RB Leipzig coach.
  • Nagelsmann has already collaborated with Polish players in the past
  • Summoning German coach Robert Janicki and Leon Jankowski. The two have played for Hoffenheim U-19 in the past, which has led it
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Julian Nagelsmann started his coaching career at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. He commanded, among others, the U-19 team. It so happened that at that time two Poles were part of it. Leon Jankowski, who is currently the goalkeeper of the third division Błonianka Bonie, and Robert Janicki – midfielder for Warta Pozna. The first of them spent almost four years in Hoffenheim, footballer Zieloni – 1.5 years. They both had the opportunity to notice – according to many – Germany’s greatest coaching hope. Remember Jankovsky and 33-year-old Janeki especially for us. They talk about:

Nagelsmann character

Janeki: He was my first coach in Hoffenheim. I had 5 German languages ​​in school, but it was difficult for me to communicate and speak freely. I had one-on-one lessons but didn’t understand much yet. But Nagelsmann can speak until I understand the message. Even if I don’t know the exact words. I will undoubtedly remember this coach from his amazing motivational briefings. After that, everyone took to the field with that energy, because that’s how they can influence their attitude and expression to the players. But as it turned out, these methods were effective, because we with the U19 team won second place in Germany. Under Nagelsmann’s leadership, I spent one of the best times in Hoffenheim.

Yankovsky: Nagelsmann never exaggerated, he was an older fellow players. He was a dexterous trainer, if something didn’t work for him, he could yell in the locker room, even at one of the boys. I was never beaten. Besides, he had great confidence in the coaches he worked with. It was clear that he would achieve a lot in football because he had that thing. It’s hard to describe.

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strong personality

Janeki: I am just starting to wonder if Nagelsmann will be able to handle such superstars at Bayern, as there are many players of the same age. However, I don’t think he will allow himself to be put on his head. Nagelsmann is so charismatic that he inspires respect. I think he can handle it because he’s strong mentally. I don’t think he will allow himself to explode the money. I expected him sooner to quickly determine his terrain and demonstrate his strong character.

Yankovsky: Even when I played a weaker match, the coach gave a second chance to improve. In addition, Nagelsmann established a good relationship with the players, after good matches he wrote private messages on WhatsApp with congratulations. I remember when I had the operation, I also received a message of support that he was keeping his fingers crossed for me. These are small things, but they affect everything.


Janeki: Nagelsmann preferred an offensive style of play. I think that was also the policy of the entire club. I remember very well my first presence, which I had been waiting for for a long time. Because it took too long to level the sheets between Lech and Hoffenheim. I waited nearly two months for the match to start. We faced Karlsruhe, we won 6-3 and scored a hat-trick. The open games and highscores reflected Nagelsmann’s style.

Yankovsky: We had very few games. Nagelsmann took a great interest in playing on the ground. For me as a goalkeeper, he also needed a short pass, practically I didn’t have to hit “Friday”.

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Preparation and attention to detail

Janeki: We have been cooperating for half a year. Once I joined the squad, I saw that the club had high hopes for Nagelsmann. The first team was not doing well, the coach was fired, and we started getting information that our coach was under study, which everyone regretted. Initially, Nagelsmann was supposed to take over the first team of the new season, but the seniors were bad enough that it was decided to do so six months ago, which shocked us because we liked the coach. On the other hand, we understood his ambitions. I remember he really wanted us to know it was taken from him, not from the media, and it was true. He passed it on himself.

Yankovsky: Everything was arranged and laid out perfectly. Entering training, everything was already ready, and caps and cones for the games arranged. I remember that every time there were small matches in the training plan, the people in charge of the field were asked to draw appropriate lines. This is why there are many lines sometimes in the middle of the field. Nagelsmann paid attention to detail, as evidenced by the large screen we had on the training ground. The kind that can be seen at concerts. The day before the match, the coach provided the opponent’s analysis and we can practice some elements during classes from the start. Nagelsmann had planned everything before the season. He also had a punishment system in place and everything had to run like clockwork.

Relentless and explosive

Janeki: He was such an energetic man, sometimes insane (laughs). In junior competitions, where coaches were calm and collected, Nagelsmann was the exact opposite. I remember one of the judges didn’t match him and yelled at him like that from the start. For the first time I encountered a situation where the coach was walking down the center of the field to the referee and then he was heavily reprimanded. No doubt it can boil.

Yankovsky: During a U-19 match, when it was known that he was going to be the first-team coach, someone from the stands shouted at him, wanting to stick a pin with the word. Nagelsmann turned around and responded to the supporter from the bench. Besides, he was also able to file a complaint about the judges. He was very emotional about our matches. He played soccer by himself and often liked to play with us, or when there were some point exercises, like volleyball, he liked to join.

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Janeki: After we found out that the coach was leaving us after the season, we played Mainz. In Germany, it was very popular for this youngster to become a coach of the first team. Discussions began over whether it was too early. Inclusion coach Mainz said was too fast or inappropriate. And this coach appeared later in our match. The result was kept without goals for a long time, and there was a lot of tension, especially since the two teams did not like each other. In the end, we scored the winning goal. Immediately after, Nagelsmann jumped happily off the bench, then turned around the stands and raised victory gestures for this Mainz coach. Show how cool he is, besides, the substitute scored a goal. Nagelsmann is not the greatest trained diplomat, but he himself does not bite his tongue.

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