The coffin will be transported with Philip’s body. The Queen decided that

Usually the sarcophagus is specially lowered into the grave. Until now, the opportunity to participate in this exciting moment has been reserved for members of the royal family only. At a funeral Prince Philip It was decided, for the first time in history, that millions of people would be allowed to watch the celebration broadcast by seeing this moment.

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The audience can see the sarcophagus with the body of Prince PhilipOn which she wore the admiral’s hat and his bridesmaid, and a bunch of flowers that she had chosen Queen Elizabeth II And a message from her It was lowered under the floor of St. George uses a special motorized forkTo be deposited in the royal cellar.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the sarcophagus carrying Prince Philip’s body will be moved

After the death of Elizabeth II, the sarcophagus, along with her body, will also be placed in King George VI’s Chapel. According to the will of the British monarch, after her burial, the sarcophagus with the body of Prince Philip will be transported from the royal crypt to King George VI’s Chapel.According to what was reported by “The Mirror”.

When the coffin was lowered, the prince’s titles were read in fullAnd the Including His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Earl of Merion, and Baron Greenwich Two important military songs were played. Trumpet-players in the Royal Marines performed “The Last Post” which means that the soldier has gone to his last rest and “workstations”, An alert that calls for sailors to prepare for battle.

Prince Philip is the 25th member of the royal family who rests in a royal crypt on St. George. In addition to him, his last resting place, as reported in the Daily Mail, was found there by Kings George III and George IV and George V and William IV of Hanover, as well as Prince Edward, father of Queen Victoria, wife of King George III and Queen Charlotte and grandfather of Queen Maria Prince Adolf of Hanover.

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The history of the burial in the Church of St. Jersey is more than 200 years oldHowever, in the middle of the last century, it was decided that the royal crypts, due to their limited ability, could no longer fulfill their role. It was constructed in the years 1968-1969 And therefore King George VI Church, where his body was buried after it was removed from the royal cellars. Alongside George VI is also the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II’s sister, Princess Margaret.

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