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Katarzyna Glinka shares with netizens the archive wearing a heavily cut bathing suit. The well-known actress, among other things from the series: “Colors of Happiness” in the description decided to raise an important issue, responding to critical comments.

Katarzyna Glinka is one of the stars who is interested in keeping in touch with fans. The well-known actress, among other things from “Colors of Happiness”, eagerly posts her on her Instagram posts related to her professional and private life, Each of its activities receives an enthusiastic response from Internet users. However, in one of the recent entries, Glinka openly admitted that she often faced criticism. Under the photo in which she was wearing a red swimsuit with a drooping neckline, the actress, among other things, referred to the unfavorable comments that appear below her pics.

(…) Instead of these pretty pics, I’m sitting at home and posting old pics on Insta. But I also had time to read the comments below the pictures and guess what ???? I do not understand people (…) – He started entering it.

Katarzyna Glinka with appeal to Internet users

In other words, Katarzyna Glinka made statements criticizing the behavior of others:

(…) recently, it also turns out that praise is in the wrong tone. If you talk about feeling happy, that you are happy, that you are going to buy your dream car, that you are building a home, that you are going to the other end of the world – all this is a sign of a lack of humility, sympathy and respect for others. I read comments like this under my posts. Oh !!!! I declare to everyone and others that I will be proud. I will emphasize what is good, talk about what brings me joy, I will write about it and post pictures of a happy part of my life. After all, it’s instagram.

The actress, who is a happy mother of two, sincerely admits that there are also many “sad areas” in her life, but prefers to focus on what brings her happiness and happiness.

(…) I answer those who want to teach me humility. I have a lot of it in my life. I have gone through a lot, learned a lot and kept learning. As I get older, I choose something called eulogy (…).

Finally, Glinka appealed to the father, too. Helping a family in need, By posting a link to a thug on the Internet.

The aforementioned post by the “Colors of Happiness” star quickly gains a lot of comments, in which netizens share their thoughts on the topic raised by the actress. A large group of people did not hide the fact that Katarzina Glinka’s words made a great impression on them:

Greetings and I am very happy that people are happy and share. You are awesome and I will always be

well said!

Thank you for writing it; It is very important, he enjoys the lives of people and his successes and the successes of others, and he is generally able to be happy, or at least satisfied with life (…),

Bravo, it is! We have a lot of hate and sadness in this world.

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