The Crew-2 has no place to sleep. The International Space Station is overcrowded

A crew of four astronauts flew towards the International Space Station. The problem, however, is that there is only one spare bed on board the orbital laboratory. Will there be problems trying to score the entire crew?

Fact: Thanks to the fact that after a long hiatus, the United States once again has its own transport, which it can fly ISSIt got busier at the station. Some Soyuz will come, then again Dragon CrewIf possible, he would even join the Crew Dragon again. However, the leg is not made of rubber and will not stretch.

Then there are problems

Currently, there are seven astronauts on board the space station. When Endeavor crew arrives at the station, the receptionist will be very annoyed.

Visualize inside the Crew Dragon capsule. Source: SpaceX

But seriously – actually on board Space station There are only seven stable beds, so you will have to improvise a little for a few days (until April 28).

This is nothing new, just a few days ago, several astronauts left the station, who also resorted to tricks to get a good night’s sleep.

In the coming days, the two astronauts will be temporarily housed in capsules Pursuit And flexibility. The other two will find a piece of land to sleep on. Here the advantage of weightlessness comes in – after all, in the absence of gravity, the floor can be a floor, ceiling or wall. Astronauts will choose bivouacs in cooperation with flight controllers and will have to endure these few days in some way.

So it can be said that the work on board is booming. Crowds are fighting, excited people line up, among them the astronauts and Tourists, Camera crews, and Tom Cruise, I Future winners of the reality show.

at the same time Russia is considering withdrawing from the space station and building its own. So it can be said that the plant is flourishing and dying. In such a situation, the future of this orbital complex is extremely difficult to predict.

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