The disaster? Three very large asteroids rushing towards Earth (GJ3 2021, 2016 QE45 and 2021 FK3). Close match this week – April 21-24

Not one, not even two, but as many as three asteroids are racing toward Earth. NASA experts estimate that the first object will pass through our planet on Wednesday, April 21. The next two asteroids will be closest to Earth on Saturday, April 24th. Newsweek reports that every asteroid is “larger than a football field”.

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Asteroids are relatively small (on the cosmic scale) rocky bodies that orbit the Sun. A special unit from NASA deals with their tracking and monitoring of the potential threat of collision with Earth. These asteroids, which orbit near the orbit of our planet, are called near-Earth objects.

Three large asteroids close to Earth

Three such objects will pass through our planet this weekend.

GJ3 2021 It will pass on Earth on April 21 at 4:25 CET. According to the calculations, it will fly from our planet at a distance of about 1.5 million kilometers, that is, many times farther from our planet’s distance from the moon. Its diameter is the length of a football field.

Another asteroid it is 2016 QE45And that will be at its closest point to Earth on April 24 at 3:48 PM. The distance will be more than 5 million km. Its diameter is the size of the row of the Eiffel Tower.

Another asteroid is 2021 FK3, Which will also pass Earth on Saturday – around 19:45 – and will be farthest from our planet (more than 6 million km). Its diameter is the same as the height of the Golden Gate Bridge.

According to Newsweek, another asteroid (2021 GW4) passed through our planet last week with only 27,000. Kilometers. Thus, upcoming meetings with asteroids are not the closest. However, all three are exceptionally large in relation to the distance they will be from the ground.

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