The end of the season for the Real Madrid player! “They’re about to stand up,” football says

After winning 2-1 to Clasico Zinedine Zidane, he said, “We are physically on the verge of a collapse.” The Frenchman complained that his players were being pressed too hard, and on Sunday he received more reasons to feel angry. We are still waiting for the official test results of Fed Valverde, who is suspected of having a bruise to his foot and whose performance on Wednesday at Anfield was in doubt. Lucas Vásquez definitely won’t play against Liverpool. The Spaniard torn the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. This season he won’t play anymore.

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“We had football at the highest level. El Clásico had everything.”

Lucas Vasquez injured. Won’t you play more for Real Madrid?

The lack of Lucas is a big problem for Zidane. The Spaniard played at a solid and high level and was a valuable alternative to Dani Carvajal’s recovery. With both of them absent from Anfield, Zizou will have to find a new right-back, or he may decide. grê With three hours off. Los Blancos’ defense will be experimentally assembled again, because perhaps none of the four Carvajal – Lucas – Raphael Varane – Sergio Ramos will go to England.

The latter supported Lucas on Instagram. “Brother, you’ll be back soon and we’ll have tea together.” The question is how to understand this message. Ramos and Lucas’ contracts expire on June 30 and it remains unclear if they will be extended. If the club and Winquez can’t reach an agreement, the 29-year-old’s last appearance in the white shirt could turn out to be a victory in El Clásico.

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