The exciting ending of “Love Island. The Island of Love” is behind us. They won the love show!

The final episode of Season 3 of “Love Island. The Island of Love” is behind us. Three pairs competed for the main prize, that is, PLN 100,000. There were real tears and emotions. The ones who turned out to be the viewers’ favorites! Will their relationship be strengthened after the program, or will their romance end once they return from Love Island?

This is the final episode of the third series “The Island of Love. The Island of Love”. The islanders will have to say goodbye to sunny Spain and the other hot show participants. This day should be special!

Small carrots ate their last breakfast together. It was a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company for a while.

The friendship of the girls was honored even with a joint trip to the SPA.

Islanders can once again gossip together and relax in beauty treatments.

Time passed a little slower in the villa. Longing gentlemen did not know what they could do without their beloved girlfriends. Matti was clearly bored.

He even offered the boys massages and … masks. However, his idea was not met with much enthusiasm.

The girls had a great time at the spa, and were so happy that they reached the finals. Caroline admitted that she was looking forward to joint adventures with Matthews.

Wallia revealed that she saw Biotrik go crazy, and Anya is grateful to your minister, because he’s the one who helped her open up.

The last day was also a great way to summarize their feelings … the pretty ladies had to write love letters to their loved ones, and the guys were also supposed to express to their partners what they really feel about them through a message.

In the evening, the Icelanders finally heard about the feelings of their significant others. It was really touching …

Pewter approached the love letter very emotionally. Everything indicates that the inhabitant has fallen in love …

It turns out that Valeria also has a little deeper feelings for him!

The excitement is not over yet! Caroline and Matthews also shared their feelings.

Which couple captured the hearts of those watching “Love Island”? And viewers decided that the couple’s feelings were not strong enough .. Anya and Wazir took third place!

Their relationship developed at an amazing pace! However, they could not get 100,000 zlotys! These were huge emotions. But it’s time to meet up with the winning couple of the love show! Will Caroline win with Matthews, or maybe Wallrea with Piotr?

The decision has been taken! Canadian beauty and traveler Matthews won the program. However, this is not the end of great emotions! He just drew CJ an envelope with money!

Will he choose Love and Matthews, or will he leave Spain with 100,000? Zloty? The feeling turned out to be stronger! Caroline chose her boyfriend.

Do you agree with this decision? Do you think their feelings will remain?

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