The faithful couple of the monarchy

– In my opinion the TV show business world in this case clashed with the world of one of the most radical European monarchies, focusing on values ​​and being the only monarchy that could be a bright point for the state. As shown by the Brexit scenario – he comments on the journalist and expert on the British monarchy Elipeta Kralikovska-Avis.

Against such an embarrassing backdrop, Kate and William preserve the image of the royal family as the young generation of Windsor. After the aforementioned interview aired, they appeared in public several times. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they recorded a special video highlighting their country’s friendship with Ireland, and William began his speech in Gaelic. A day later, they went to an ambulance station in east London and met with paramedics fighting the Govt-19 epidemic.

When William met Kate

Kate Middleton was close to becoming Duchess of Cambridge. The couple met in 2001 at the Department of Art History at the University of St Andrews, the oldest university in Scotland. Their friendship grew rapidly, but William did not see Kate as a partner object. Everything changed for a charity fashion show, where the little girl showed off her bold looks and clothes. It was this show that softened the prince’s heart.

The next turning point came after many years of relationship. The reason, according to gossip magazines, is the pressure of William’s future mother-in-law. Middleton wants to push for an engagement and marriage. Meanwhile, William is not ready to play the role of a husband, much less a father. “We broke up for a while because we were so young. Our writing took shape, we matured. We needed some space,” the prince explained in an interview, when the couple (actually himself) decided to split up.

William devoted himself to serving in the Royal Air Force, and at the instigation of Pippa’s sister Kate threw herself into the whirlwind of the party: her sorrows were drowned out by alcohol, and the paparazzi photographed her in bold clothes. It should be noted, however, that she was sensible and did not rush to the press for any news that could cast a shadow over William or the royal family.

On November 16, 2010, three years after their separation, the couple was officially engaged by a state court. Lady Diana Spencer’s ring glistened on Kate’s finger.

Six months later, their sacred “yes” was heard by 2,000 spectators gathered in Westminster Abbey. There was a “scandal”, but is such a marriage worth anything to the newspapers without it?

The Sunday Times discovered the secret information about who designed Kate’s wedding dress. “It (revealed the secret about the dress – the editor’s note) brought tears to the palace because Kate did everything she could to keep the look of the wedding dress a secret,” said Katie Nicole, an expert in the secrets of secret dress makers. Court.

The creator of the work, Alexander McQueen, modeled the dress worn by Grace Kelly on her wedding day. There was a characteristic element in the form of daffodils, roses and clovers representing the United Kingdom.

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