The funeral of Zygmunt Malanovic. The stars bid farewell to the outstanding actor

Zygmunt Malanovic died on April 4, at the age of 83. Warsaw Nowy Teatr, where the actor performed on a daily basis, reported his death on their website.

On April 4, 2021, Zygmunt Malanovic passed away. We do not know what to write because there are no words that convey regret and fill the void left by this wonderful man, friend and great actor.– I mentioned on the theater website.

“Odysseus who never made it to Ithaca. Goodbye Ziga, without you it will be empty, sad and bad. But we will reach the beach on a warm night full of food. Sleep and dream of a better world! RIP– A colleague from the theater wrote after the death of the actor, Jacek Monday.

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The funeral of Zygmunt Malanovic. The stars bid farewell to the outstanding actor

Zygmunt Malanowicz’s funeral took place on Thursday. The ceremony took place in the chapel of the Evangelical Reformed Cemetery on ytnia Street in Warsaw. After service, the urn with the ashes of the deceased was transported to the family grave. Instead of flowers, they asked for support from the “KARUNA-People for Animals” foundation..

Zygmunt Malanowicz said goodbye Colleagues from Nowy Teatr, including. Magdalena Cielecka, Maciej Stuhr, Maja Ostaszewska, Krzysztof Warlikowski. On the last trip, the outstanding actor was also accompanied by: Maya Komorowska, Wojciech Kalaros, Agneska Smoshenska.

Who was Zygmunt Malanowicz?

Zygmunt Malanowicz was born in 1938 in the Vilnius region. In 1963 he graduated from the State Higher School of Theater and Film in Lodz. He made his glass screen debut in the Oscar-nominated Roman Polański film “Knife in the Water” in 1962.. Unfortunately, the authorities of the People’s Republic of Poland also opposed – the actor did not get a leading role in cinema for the next seven years. At the time, he was developing a theatrical workshop.

On the account he has Roles in the films “Barrier” by Jerzy Skolimowski or “Hunting Flies” by Andrzej Wajda. He mainly played psychologically complex characters, embroiled in moral and ethical dilemmas. The directors appreciated the high level of theatrical expression, the emotional commitment and the unclear creativity of his characters. In 2015 Received the Best Leading Role award in Artur Urbansky’s film “The Father”.

Collaborate with Jerzy Hoffman in the theaterIrina Babel, Bogdan Hosakowski, Janusz Zaworsky, Pewter seblack, Christian Loeba, Jrosegors GarzinaAnna Smollar, Andre Dumalik Or Krzysztof WarlikowskiIn which he played for the rest of his life. He has been associated with Nowy Teatr since its inception, that is, since 2008.

Zygmunt Malanovic died on April 4, 2021, at the age of 83.

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