The Germans provided new information on Robert Lewandowski. Contradicting what was revealed from Boñek Pi³ka football

Robert Lewandowski He suffered a knee injury in the 2022 World Cup qualifying match against Andorra (3: 0) in March, and was unable to play against Paris Saint-Germain In the quarter-finals Champions LeaguePlus two league matches Bundesliga With RB Leipzig and Union Berlin.

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The Polish striker fights to get back on the field. On Monday, he started training for exactly two weeks since his right knee injury with rehab coach Simon Martinello. Rehabilitation is going according to plan.

On Tuesday, he continued his running training, but with much greater load. “In addition to coordination exercises at high speed, the training also included acceleration rounds of 80 meters – finishing the last 20 meters with a brisk stride. Drills with a change of direction were not yet possible. Training took 45 minutes” – reported “Bild”. The German newspaper reported that Lewandowski will be ready to play on April 20When Bayern faces Leverkusen.

Lewandowski won’t return to the match until April 24th?

Wednesday Zbigniew Bunyik told Entria that the Polish striker will appear on the field on April 17th during the Wolfsburg match..

Meanwhile, Kicker provided the latest information, and she is not that optimistic. It turns out the soccer player can come back Toys Only after 30 days, as previously predicted by the doctors of the German hero. Lewandowski He will not be ready to play until the match against Mainz on April 24th. Journalists argue with this fact that the club does not want to expose the Polish to a very early comeback, so that other problems with his health do not arise, and what is more, the situation in Bayern’s schedule is still very good, because after that. 28 rounds are the leaders and a five-point lead by RB Leipzig.

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That means Lewandowski will miss up to two league games, putting the record-breaking legend Gerd Muller, who scored 40 league goals in the 1971-72 season, into a big question mark. Six games before the end of the Bundesliga season, Lewandowski scored 35 goals to his tally.

After the match against Mainz, German champions Borussia Monchengladbach will face SC Freiburg and FC Augsburg.

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