The government is preparing a list of invasive species. Golinska: The government will create a list of species that threaten native plants and animals

– The Polish government will draw up a list of invasive species that threaten local flora and fauna – Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Magurzata Golinska told PAP.

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Invasive alien species include plants, animals, fungi and other organisms that are not native to ecosystems and that can cause environmental or economic damage or negative health effects.

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Controlling invasive alien species is a major challenge for the future of local biodiversity. Often times, a feature of these organisms is the ability to displace naturally occurring species the plants And animals, which may thus become a minority – Juliuska stressed.

The deputy minister noted that invasive alien species are often already in their native habitat, becoming commonplace. I mentioned, among other things, Glandular Impatiens, which was introduced as an ornamental plant and now grows massively in river valleys, limiting the biodiversity in such areas.

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The most famous plant species are the Sosnovski plants, which were imported, among others, to Poland from the Caucasus region. Juliuska noted that in recent decades, it has spread massively over very wide areas and is dangerous to both livestock, and above all to humans.

From the animal world, the deputy minister mentioned, among other things, a gray and black squirrel or a marble lobster.

Golikaska explained that the law will be accompanied by regulations listing the invasive alien species referred to in European Union legislation (Regulations for Regulation No. 1143/2014), as well as those that threaten native flora and fauna.

Invasive alien species data record

A central registry will also be created for data on invasive alien species (to confirm their presence in the environment, permits issued, or remedial measures implemented).

The main task will be to prevent invasive species that are transported across borders and return them to the country from which they are brought. She pointed out that the problem, of course, lies in the illegal import, which is why the project provides for appropriate measures, including the possible elimination of such species.

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The deputy minister informed that decisions in this regard will be taken by the regional directorates for environmental protection in cooperation with border services, plant and seed health checks, and veterinary inspection.

The new regulations will also introduce regulations regarding the introduction of invasive alien species as a result of human activities, based on the “polluter pays” principle.

– If the inspection services have detained a person trying to introduce or introduce an invasive alien species, they will have to take into account the financial consequences of their behavior. In the case of animals, this would, for example, cover the costs of keeping and feeding them, and in the case of presenting – also removing the potential negative effects of such an event – Juliuska noted.

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The new regulations will provide for penalties for non-compliance with both national and EU regulations in this area, in particular regulations for preventive and curative measures regarding the introduction and spread of invasive alien species.


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