The great asteroid is flying towards the Earth. Poland is in a region of devastation. NASA gave the date. Still this year! – Super Express

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The great asteroid is flying towards the Earth. NASA experts do not doubt that if an asteroid collides with our planet, it will destroy Poland. Its destructive power is enormous. The previously unknown object was recorded by specialized telescopes. The asteroid 2021 PDC was named. There may be enough drama in October this year. NASA explains exactly what may happen soon on Earth and the level of threat that our country will face.

The asteroid rushes toward Earth. May hit our planet in October. Poland in its sphere of influence. Scientists estimate that the massive rock could hit the borders of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. If this happens, our country may disappear from the surface. The new asteroid has already got its name: 2021 PDC. The new asteroid is about 120 meters long (although calculations here range from 35 to 700 meters). It was discovered on April 19 at a distance of 57 million km from Earth. One day later, its existence was confirmed. The probability of a disaster is estimated at 5 percent. What happens if you really hit? The situation can be tragic. With such a large impact, everything that is inside the asteroid’s sphere of influence can be destroyed. Unfortunately, Poland is in this region. Fortunately, this is just a fictional scenario, designed to gain experience and develop mechanisms to prevent potential disaster. It was presented by NASA scientists at a thematic conference organized by the US Space Agency (NASA) and discussed what would happen if such an asteroid actually appeared in space. I hope that the conclusions of this meeting will not be put into practice.

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